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Last Modified: 2000-05-11
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The real, official, and correct program is here...

Preliminary and Incomplete...

Economic History Association Program, Fall 2000

Hotel Omni Intercontinental: Los Angeles, CA, September 8-10, Friday-Sunday


Friday 12-2

Inequality and Economic Progress

Technology and Business History


Friday 2:30-4:30

Values and Economic Growth

Wars and the Structure of Governments


Plenary Session: Friday 5-6:30


Drinks and Reception, Museum of Contemporary Art: 6:30-

Saturday 8-9:30

Economic Warfare

The Great Depression: Macro


Saturday 9:45-11:15

The Great Depression: Banking



Business Meeting: Saturday 11:30-12:30


Dissertation Session: Saturday 2-4

Deadline not until May 31...


Saturday 4:30-6

Celluloid Capitalism: A Roundtable and a Screen



Sunday 8-10

Institutions and Economic Growth

Industry: Studies and Structure


Sunday 10:30-12:30

Foreign Trade and Policy During the American Century

Geography and the Organization of Economic Activity


Poster Sessions throughout the program...

This year at the EHA Meeting we will be trying something new: a poster session to run concurrently with the other more formal sessions. We will try to accomodate as many posters as possible, and we will give relative but not absolute priority to graduate students. Anyone who wishes to apply for the poster session, please email eha-mtgs@socrates.berkeley.edu with (a) your name, (b) how to contact you, and (c) a title and an abstract for the paper that you want to display.

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