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Econ 101b: Fall 1999


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J. Bradford DeLong
TuTh 2-3:30; Cory 241
Jean-Philippe Stijns
Section 101, MW 4-5, 210 Wheeler (CCN: 21094)
Section 102, MW 5-6, 47 Evans (CCN: 21097)

Week of Mon. Aug. 23

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On Wed. Aug. 25 and Tues. Aug. 31, we will be reviewing elementary but useful mathematical concepts. Here are two references that I think can help you in brushing up the math tools you will need for intermediate macroeconomics:

This is the book Berkeley undergraduates seem use to study Calculus in Calculus 1A and B. I therefore assume that Economics majors should have a copy of this textbook. It seems to be on reserve in the Astr/Math library (QA303.S8825 1995)

This is one of the books we use to brush up our mathematics in the graduate program of the Department of Economics here at Berkeley. Don't be scared off by that fact though, it's a rather easy to read book. It covers some concepts more specific to Economics that are not covered in the previous reference. One copy is supposed to be available from the Bus & Econ library on 09/01 (HB135 .B59 1994)

Finally, here is an additional reference that I have found later on:

This is probably a good compromise between the two previous references. This book starts from "scratch" while focusing on the needs of economists. It does not seem to be available from the library but you can of course order it from Amazon.com.

Week of Mon. Aug. 30

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Jean-Philippe Stijns
Doctoral Student in Economics
Teaching Assistant in Macroeconomic Theory
University of California at Berkeley
Department of Economics
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