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Economics 202b Syllabus Sketch

J. Bradford DeLong

Current plans are for me to co-teach Econ 202b in the fall of 1998 with Maury Obstfeld.

If we have extra time, and things go very fast, we might expand Econ 202a to include:

VII. Labor Markets


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Unemployment and "Hysteresis"

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Search and Matching Models

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Job Creation and Destruction: Patterns of Wage Changes

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If not, labor markets will go into the hopper for Econ 202b along with the following:

A sketch of what Economics 202b (Fall 1998) might include:

(Of course, only three out of the five topics could possibly fit.)

International finance

Labor Markets

Understanding aggregate consumption

Understanding aggregate investment

Nominal adjustment once again

Asset markets

Productivity at cyclical frequencies

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