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TTh 12:30-2:00 Evans 60
(Sections W 10-12 Evans 6, W 12-2 Evans 2)

Handout #1


Maurice Obstfeld (obstfeld@econ.berkeley.edu)
549 Evans, 3-9646
Ofice Hours: TBD

Brad DeLong (delong@econ.berkeley.edu)
601 Evans, 3-4027
Office Hours: T 2:30-4:00

Petra Geraats (geraats@econ.berkeley.edu)
608-8 Evans, 3-5391
Office Hours: W 2:00-4:00 (until November)

Galina Borissova (galina@econ.berkeley.edu)
608-4 Evans, 2-7210
Office Hours: W 2:00-4:00 (from November)

Course Assignments:

Problem sets (approx. 6) 10%
Midterm 30%
Final* 60%

*Note that the final is cumulative. It covers the first half of the course as well as the second.


Reading assignments for first half in the handout...

Lectures for the first half of the course will closely follow David Romer, Advanced Macroeconomics

Readings for the first half are "light"--one paper per class, instead of a whole recommended and required reading list.

Course Purpose:

Intended for first-semester second-year graduate students in economics. The second half of the survey of the macroeconomics literature. Technical. Focuses much more on macroeconomic "pathologies" than did the first semester of the survey. Aims at trying to get students to the point where they can recognize what current research topics are--and understand why they are seen as interesting.

Lectures are divided into more-or-less two equal halves, the first taught by Brad DeLong and the second taught by Maurice Obstfeld.

Sections are divided into thirds, the first two-thirds taught by Petra Geraats and the last third taught by Galina Borissova.

Professor of Economics J. Bradford DeLong, 601 Evans
University of California at Berkeley; Berkeley, CA 94720-3880
(510) 643-4027 phone (510) 642-6615 fax

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