Created 3/5/1997
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Econ 210a: Fall 1997

Introduction to Economic History

J. Bradford DeLong
Christina D. Romer

Department of Economics
University of California at Berkeley


This course is required of Ph.D. students in Economics. We recommend that students enroll in the course in the fall semester of their first year in the graduate program. Graduate students in other degree programs may enroll subject to the availability of space, and with the instructors' approval.

The course introduces selected themes in economic history. We make no attempt at comprehensive coverage; we would not have a prayer of succeeding if we tried. While themes are presented more-or-less chronologically, the purpose of the course is not to present a narrative account of world (or even North Atlantic) economic history. Instead, the emphasis is on the uses of economic theory and quantitative methods in history, and on the insights that knowledge of history can give to the practicing economist.


Course Structure and Requirements

Class meetings will typically consist of a mixture of lecture and discussion. Because discussion will focus on the issues raised, resolved, and left unanswered by the assigned readings, readings must be completed before class.

An informed contribution to the class discussion will count heavily in students' grades. A research paper will be due Wednesday, November 26. Late papers will be penalized. (Suggested topics and guidelines will be handed out early in the semester.) A take-home final exam will be handed out on Wednesday, December 3, and will be due at 12 noon on Monday, December 8.

A reader containing the required readings is available for purchase at Copy Central (Southside) at 2560 Bancroft.



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Created 3/5/1997
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