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Reading Notes for October 6, American Exceptionalism II

Economics 210a, Fall 1999

Paul David (1968), "The Mechanization of Reaping in the Ante-Bellum Midwest," in Henry Rosovsky (ed.), Industrialization in Two Systems, New York: Wiley, pp.3-28.

Peter Temin (1966), "Labor Scarcity and the Problem of American Industrial Efficiency in the 1950s," Journal of Economic History 26:3 (September), pp. 277-298.

Edward Ames and Nathan Rosenberg (1968), "The Enfield Arsenal in Theory and History," Economic Journal 78 (December), pp.**-**

Gavin Wright (1990), "The Origins of American Industrial Success," American Economic Review 80, pp. 651-68.

Extra Readings:

Paul David (1975), "The Mechanization of Reaping in the Ante-Bellum Midwest," in Paul David, Technical Choice, Innovation and Economic Growth (Cambridge University Press).

Albert Fishlow (1965), American Railroads and the Transformation of the Ante-Bellum Economy (Harvard University Press).

H.J. Habbakuk (1962), American and British Technology in the 19th Century (Cambridge University Press).

Lewis Jones (1977), "The Mechanization of Reaping and Mowing in American Agriculture, 1833-1870: A Comment," Journal of Economic History 37.

Alan Olmstead (1975), "The Mechanization of Reaping and Mowing in American Agriculture, 1833-1870," Journal of Economic History 35.

Alan Olmstead and Paul Rhode (1995), "Beyond the Threshold: An Analysis of the Characteristics and Behavior of Early Reaper Adopters," Journal of Economic History 55.

Roshua Rosenbloom (993), "Anglo-Ameican Technological Differences in Small-Arms Manufacturing," Journal of Interdisciplinary History, pp.683- 698.

Edwin Rothbarth (1946), "Causes of the Superior Efficiency of USA Industry as Compared to British Industry, Economic Journal 56.

Philip Scranton (1997), Endless Novelty: Specialty Production and American Industrialization, 1865-1925, Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Frederick Jackson Turner (1920), The Frontier in American History (Henry Holt).

Yields per bushel per man hour

Wheat Corn

1800 .27 .29
1840 .43 .36
1880 .66 .56
1900 .92 .68

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