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Extra Readings for December 1, The Marshall Plan and Corporatism

Economics 210a, Fall 1999

Abramovitz, Moses (1986), "Catching Up, Forging Ahead, and Falling Behind," Journal of Economic History 46, pp.385-406.

Kindleberger, Charles P. (1967), Europe's Postwar Growth, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Olson, Mancur (1982), The Rise and Decline of Nations, New Haven: Yale University Press.

Price, Harry B. (1955), The Marshall Plan, Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

Van der Wee, Herman (1986), Prosperity and Upheaval: The World Economy 1945-1980, New York: Viking.

Rodrik, Dani and Francisco Rodriguez (1999), "Trade Policy and Economic Growth: A Skeptic's Guide to Cross-National Evidence," NBER Working Paper no. 7081.

Warner, Andrew and Jeffrey Sachs (1985), "Economic Convergence and Economic Policies," NBER Working Paper no.5039.

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