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Supplementary Readings for October 20, Nineteenth Century Labor Markets

Economics 210a, Fall 1999

Sanford Jacoby (1984), "The Development of Internal Labor Markets in American Manufacturing Firms," in Paul Osterman (ed.), Internal Labor Markets, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press (1984), pp.23-69.

Joshua Rosenbloom (1990), "One Market or Many? Labor Market Integration in the Late-19th Century United States," Journal of Economic History 50 (1990), pp.85-107.

Joshua Rosenbloom (1999), "Padrones, Employment Agencies, and Labor Exchanges: Institutional Innovation in Late Nineteenth Century Labor Markets," unpublished manuscript, University of Kansas.

William Sundstrom (1990), "Was There a Golden Age of Flexible Wages? Evidence from Ohio Manufacturing, 1892-1910," Journal of Economic History 50, pp.309-320.

Extra Readings:

Steven Allen (1992), "Changes in the Cyclical Sensitivity of Wages in the United States 1891-1987,' American Economic Review 82.

Susan Carter and Elizabeth Savoca (1990), "Labor Mobility and Lengthy Jobs in Nineteenth Century America," Journal of Economic History 50.

Susan Carter and Elizabeth Savoca (1991), "Gender Differences in learning and Earning in 19th Century America: The Role of Expected Job and Career Attachment," Explorations in Economic History 28.

Robert Gordon (1982), "Why U.S. Wage and Employment Behavior Differs from That in Britain and japan," Economic Journal 82.

Robert Hall (1972), "Turnover in the Labor Force," Brookings Papers 3.

Christopher Hanes (1993), "The Development of Nominal Wage Rigidity in the Late 19th Century," American Economic Review 83.

Timothy Hatton and Jeffrey Williamson (1991), "Wage Gaps Between Farm and City: Michigan in the 1890s," Explorations in Economic History 28.

Sanford Jacoby and S. Sharma (1992), "Employment Duration and Industrial labor Mobility in the United States 1880-1980," Journal of Economic History 52.

John James (1994), "Job Tenure in the Gilded Age," in George Grantham and Mary MacKinnon (eds), Labour Market Evolution (Routledge).

Roger Ransom and Richard Sutch (1986), "The Labor of Older Americans: Retirement on and Off the Job, 1870-1937," Journal of Economic History XLIV.

Joshua Rosenbloom (1996), "Was There a National Labor Market at the End of the Nineteenth Century?" Journal of Economic History 56.

Jeffrey Sachs (1980), "The changing Cyclical Behavior of Wages and Prices 1890-1976," American Economic Review 70.

William Sundstrom (1988), "Internal Labor Markets Before World War I," Explorations in Economic History 25.

Gavin Wright (1986), Old South, New South: Revolutions in the Southern Economy Since the Civil War (Norton).

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