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About This Course

Economics 210A is required of Ph.D. students in Economics. The instructors recommend that students enroll during the first year of the graduate program. Graduate students in other degree programs may enroll subject to the availability of space and with the instructors' approval.

The course is designed to introduce a selection of themes in the modern economic history literature. Given this thematic approach, no attempt is made to make coverage comprehensive. While themes are presented chronologically, neither is the purpose of the course to present a narrative account of Western economic history. Emphasis will be placed on the uses of economic theory and quantitative methods in history and on the insights that a knowledge of history can provide to the practicing economist.

Class meetings normally consist of a lecture intended to provide interpretation and context for the assigned readings, accompanied by discussion.

Course Requirements

Students are expected to do the assigned reading before class and to contribute to classroom discussion. An informed contribution to discussion will be credited toward the student's grade. There will be a research paper due on Wednesday, December 1, and a final exam during exam week. The two will count equally toward the final grade. To receive a grade on the paper, the topic and approach must have prior approval from the instructors and take a seriously historical approach to the problem.

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