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Economics 210b People: Spring 1998

J. Bradford DeLong


Course People

This page will be a reference to the people in Economics 210b--the professor (me), and the students (you).

In order to get this page up and running, I need all students to send me (a) an e-mail message with your e-mail address (and whatever other information you want posted), and (b) a picture (ideally a small .gif file attached to an e-mail message).

In a class as small as this one is going to be, this page is somewhat pointless. But it may be worthwhile as an easy place to access e-mail messages. And I do want to start enforcing a common structure on each of my course-related sub-websites. So there are some things on this website that will be appropriate for 300-person courses: this is one of them.

J. Bradford DeLong, delong@econ.berkeley.edu, 643-4027 (W), 283-2709 (H)

Sean Masaki Flynn, <sflynn@econ.berkeley.edu> ECON/STAT

Erling Roed Larsen, <erling@stat.berkeley.edu> ECON

Chris Michael Meissner, <meissner@econ.berkeley.edu> ECON

Kris J. Mitchener, <kris@econ.berkeley.edu> ECON

Petra Moser, <moser@econ.berkeley.edu> ECON

Elizabeth Cascio, <eucascio@econ.berkeley.edu>

Enrico Moretti, <moretti@are.berkeley.edu>

Laura Giuliano, <giuliano@econ.berkeley.edu>

Masayuki Susai

Stephanie Samson

Mathias Hoffman

Arvid Wallgreen

Patrick Galloway

Drew Keeling

Chang-Tai Hsieh




Professor of Economics J. Bradford DeLong, 601 Evans
University of California at Berkeley; Berkeley, CA 94720-3880
(510) 643-4027 phone (510) 642-6615 fax

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