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J. Bradford DeLong

October 1999
Dialing for Dollars The retail, low level--but very real--politics of trying to get money for the California public schools that my children attend.

  Added 1999-10-16

Review of Charles Ferguson, High Stakes, No Prisoners This is an early draft of a book review, forthcoming in Harvard Business Review, written by J. Bradford DeLong and A. Michael Froomkin. DeLong is a professor of economics at the University of California at Berkeley, and a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Froomkin is a professor of law at the University of Miami Law School, and a non-executive director of the Internet startup company Out2.com.

 Added 1999-10-14


September 1999
A Long Boom? Comments on the "new economy" at the September 18, 1999 Haas Business School Leading Edge Conference. The presider over our session was Peter Leyden, who has just co-authored a book: The Long Boom. My talk draws in obvious and straightforward ways on my work with Michael Froomkin, and on my work with Stephen Cohen and John Zysman

 Added 1999-09-17

Potential New Economy Sidebars Potential sidebars on the "new economy"...

Added 1999-09-16

Early drafts of macroeconomic textbook chapters

1. Introduction
2. Measuring the Economy
3. Thinking Like an Economist

Early drafts of chapters from my Macroeconomics textbook. These are early drafts, intended for use by Berkeley students in the fall 1999 semester only. They are not intended for further distribution.

 Added 1999-09-14

I Hate Microsoft Word This program makes my whole machine unstable...

Added 1999-09-13

Fall 1999 Brookings Paper Microsoft Word (which I loathe) has started crashing every time I try to save my most recent draft of my fall 1999 Brookings Paper as a .html file. So all you people get is a .doc file...

 Added 1999-09-13

Review of Lewis Lapham, The Agony of Mammon What happens when a journalist goes to a meeting of the World Economic Forum, but is so under-briefed and under-informed that he doesn't understand much of what he hears? Nevertheless, what emerges is very interesting: while Lewis Lapham cannot understand the denotations he hears--cannot understand what most of his interlocutors are saying--he has a very good ear for the connotations...

 Added 1999-09-12

The First Global Economy Notes for a guest lecture in Economics 115 on the first era of globalization--the world economy 1870-1914

Added 1999-09-05

Financial Crises in the 1890s and 1990s The text prepared for my talk at the fall 1999 Brookings Panel on Economic Activity. The longer paper will be forthcoming in Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, fall 1999

 Added 1999-09-02

Review of Greg Mitchell, Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady ...but the most important thing was that Nixon won the 1950 California Senate race. Because he won the 1950 California Senate race he went on to become Vice President in 1953, and President in 1969. But perhaps more important, the way he won the 1950 Senate race--the fact that his tactics then worked--warped American politics for nearly half a century.

 Added 1999-09-01


August 1999
Economic History Seminar Fall 1999 The fall 1999 schedule for the economic history seminar...

 Added 1999-08-26

"Defending the Internet Revolution in the Broadband Era" François Bar, Stephen Cohen, Peter Cowhey, J. Bradford DeLong, Michael Kleeman, and John Zysman, "Defending the Internet Revolution in the Broadband Era" (Berkeley E-conomy working paper 12, 1999). Some worries about the fact that the cable wire running into residences is controlled by companies that have no obligations to open up access to other ISPs...

 Added 1999-08-21

Econ 101b Fall 1999 The page for my other fall 1999 course, Economics 101b (Intermediate Macroeconomics for Undergraduates, the Go-Faster and Do-More Version) is now up, in skeletal form at least

 Added 1999-08-16

Monetarism A first draft of a think piece for the Journal of Economic Perspectives. When we look at what today's "New Keynesian" economists believe, we find an awful lot of ideas that were Milton Friedman's originally. What does this mean?

 Added 1999-08-14

Referrals... Where are people finding out about my website? What was their last stop before they landed on http://www.j-bradford-delong.net? The answer: Altavista.

 Added 1999-08-14


July 1999
A Framework for Thinking About Our New, Knowledge Economy: DRAFT A draft piece on just what the "new economy" we are living in is--and what it isn't. Still in very early stages...

 Added 1999-07-26

Reading Notes for Economics 210a, Fall 1999 A whole bunch of pages of reading notes that I have had lying around for my fall, 1999 graduate economic history course. They are all linked to the course syllabus page under their respective weeks.

 Added 1999-07-22

Notes on the Budget Outlook A skeptical view of forecasts that produce very large and growing federal budget surpluses for the entire next decade...

 Added 1999-07-10

Economics 210a Syllabus: Fall 1999 It is time to get started on the syllabuses for my fall 1999 courses. This one I will co-teach with Barry Eichengreen...

 Added 1999-07-08

http://www.greenspun.com/ It's time to start adding more interactivity and feedback to this website. So I'm going to experiment with using Philip Greenspun's public web services at http://www.greenspun.com/ to store Feedback. Please contribute some...

 Added 1999-07-02

June 1999    
Main Economic Indicators Statistics I'm going to see if I can keep a little more information about the current economy on my website

 Added 1999-06-28

Past Feedback Posts The very first trickle of comments for my formal feedback page starts to come in...

 Added 1999-06-28

Getting Cable Modems A report on the start of what looks to be a long process of getting and tuning my high-speed internet connection.

 Added 1999-06-25

World's Richest People, 1999 From Forbes magazine.

 Added 1999-06-25

Current Economic Statistics An attempt at pulling together an easy-to-read source for many relevant economic statistics. Danger! Very high bandwidth file!

 Added 1999-06-21

Online Education Master Page Is any of this technology stuff actually going to be useful for teaching students? (I know that it is already very, very useful for me in my research life.) I don't know. But I aim to find out in this summer of 1999.

 Added 1999-06-18

Math at Princeton Sylvia Nasar has written a magnificent biography of game-theory genius (and recovered schizophrenic) John F. Nash. Sylvia Nasar (1998), A Beautiful Mind: A Biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr. (New York: Simon and Schuster: 0684853701). A milieu-setting passage about graduate math at Princeton at the end of the 1940s.

 Added 1999-06-11

pre-Babbage computing A short sketch. From Martin Campbell-Kelly and William Aspray (1996), Computer: A History of the Information Age (New York: Basic Books: 0465029906), pp. 11-13. I am, unfortunately, not confident of the reliability of the source...

 Added 1999-06-10

Michael DeLong's Black Bear Report Michael DeLong wrote his big third grade report on that magnificent mammal the black bear...

 Added 1999-06-08

Stray Notes The latest of a number of--probably fruitless--attempts to organize my note-taking, or at least to put together a place where disorganized notes can later be found.

 Added 1999-06-07

 Stray Notes on Niall Ferguson Economists and economic historians live, breathe, and work counterfactuals--"what if" scenarios. But what do historian historians think about them? I'm trying to find out. So I read this book--which was not nearly as good as I wish it had been.

 Added 1999-06-07

A (Now Out of Date) Site Map A thoroughly-disorganized, directory-by-directory map of the .html and .pdf files in this website. It may someday--but not now--become a useful navigational tool...

 Added 1999-06-03

New Economy Master Page An attempt to pull together a master page with links to eveyrthing that I have done that deals with the information economy--or the network economy--or the new economy--or the knowledge economy--or the attention economy--or the silicon economy.

 Added 1999-06-01

Larry Lindsey's Economic Puppetmasters Larry Lindsey wrote a book about economic policymaking at the turn of the millennium. It's quite good. The best thing about it is that it focuses as much on the institutions as on the personalities of individual policymakers.

 Added 1999-06-01

May 1999
Dog Haiku... ...are self-explanatory.

 Added 1999-05-28

Questions on E-commerce A very short talk on a very complicated subject, given at a BRIE-sponsored conference in Washington: "The Digital Economy in International Perspective: Common Construction or Regional Rivalry?" At the Willard Hotel, May 27, 1999.

 Added 1999-05-24

The Economic Role of the State A Review of a book proposal--a set of collected essays--by World Bank Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz

 Added 1999-05-24

Neoliberal Principles The ideas called "neoliberalism" are usually defined by its enemies. Here is a more balanced appraisal...

 Added 1999-05-19

H.G. Wells's Open Conspiracy Martin Gardner, long-time author of the "Mathematical Games" column in Scientific American, likes H.G. Wells's idea of the (social democratic) "open conspiracy."

 Added 1999-05-17

The Return of Depression Economics. Paul Krugman has written a new little book on economic policy. Here is my .review of Paul Krugman, The Return of Depression Economics. It is a good book, but I would advice readers who are interested to read Barry Eichengreen's Toward a New Financial Architecture: A Practical Post-Asia Agenda, immediately after finishing Krugman's book.

 Added 1999-05-12

David Romer's Rules David Romer has a set of rules to help people successfully write their dissertations, finish graduate school, and get jobs relatively quickly. It is part of his "out in five" (years, that is) plan...

 Added 1999-05-03


April 1999
Andrei Shleifer My ex-freshman-roommate and very good friend of twenty-one years Andrei Shleifer was the (well deserved) recipient of the 1999 John Bates Clark Medal, awarded biennially by the American Economic Association to the outstanding young economist under forty. I made a not-so-serious toast at the surprise party his wife Nancy Zimmerman gave in his honor.

 Added 1999-04-30

Pierre Bourdieu J. Bradford DeLong, "Review of Pierre Bourdieu, Acts of Resistance: Against the Tyranny of the Market" Pierre Bourdieu is an interesting and independent-minded French sociologist, but I don't find his politics to be very realistic--especially the parts where he starts talking about how he won't fall into the trap of having a program..

 Added 1999-04-28

Josh Skov on Teaching Writing U. C. Berkeley Economics graduate student Josh Skov won a U.C. Berkeley Teaching Effectiveness Prize for this essay. I think it is very nice--and has very good ideas. I will not comment on the Berkeley practice of awarding a "teaching effectiveness" prize based on performance on a written assignment that then is (so far as I can tell) buried and never distributed anyplace other than here.

 Added 1999-04-20

"Globalization" and "Neoliberalism" A relatively brief review essay for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

 Added 1999-04-18

Deflation Revised draft of J. Bradford DeLong, "Why We Should Fear Deflation," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (Spring 1999, forthcoming).

 Added 1999-04-15

Noise Risk and Financial Markets: A Brief Lecture A talk at the Fourth Annual J.P. Morgan Client Equity Derivatives Conference, Stein Eriksen Lodge, Deer Valley, Utah, April 8-11 1999

 Added 1999-04-15

In Praise of Economists Scattered reflections on why economists seem to me to be better--more moral, and more far-sighted--people than are other social scientists: Paul Kennedy on Graduate Student Unionization, Orlando Patterson on Hiring Section Leaders

 Added 1999-04-14

Review of Dealers of Lightning The first of the books-of-the-month that I have tried to write about that I concluded--alas--was somewhat of a dud. It is OK as history-of-technology, but it rings false as history-of-corporate-and-research-bureaucracy. Michael Hiltzik (1999), Dealers of Lightning: Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age (New York: Harper Business: 0887308910).

 Added 1999-04-02

Review of The Government We Deserve Eugene Steuerle et al. (1999), The Government We Deserve: Responsive Democracy and Changing Expectations (Washington: Urban Institute Press: 0877666768). This is an excellent book--if you want to know what the conventional wisdom is among the policy analysts in Washington who work hard to try to figure out how to get us all a better government. It is not the conventional wisdom among the policy advocates--who are much more interested in what happens to their own particular issue (and care little about the bigger picture). It is not the conventional wisdom among the high politicians--who are much more interested in the popularity and the electability of their candidates (and thus in spin). But I think that the opinions of the policy analysts are by far the most worth listening to of the three. And Eugene Steuerle et al. do a good job of laying them out.

 Added 1999-04-01

Natural A short passage from Alexander Jablokov's 1991 novel, Carve the Sky (New York: Avon: 038071521X), about the meaning of the word "natural" as applied to society. From page 109.

 Added 1999-04-01

March 1999
Review of Marc Trachtenberg, A Constructed Peace A very nice book on the post-WWII German question, and on American nuclear strategy from the late 1940s to the early 1960s.

 Added 1999-03-31

Review of Seeing Like a State A revision of my Review of Seeing Like a State, by James Scott.

 Added 1999-03-28

Deflation J. Bradford DeLong, "Why We Should Fear Deflation," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (Spring 1999, forthcoming).

 Added 1999-03-22

The Millennial Perspective A version of the opening of my twentieth century history book. What's special about the twentieth century and its economic history?

 Added 1999-03-18

International Financial Architecture A talk on why we need--and why there won't be--a new international financial architecture. For a program at the World Affairs Council of Northern California, March 16, 1999.

 Added 1999-03-16

Berkeley Electronic Commerce Conference On March 6, I appeared on a panel at the Berkeley Law and Technology Center's conference on the legal and economic framework for economic commerce: two years after the Magaziner report.

Added 1999-03-04

February 1999

January 1999
Economics 202c Syllabus The start of the syllabus website for my spring 1999 economic growth and history course--.pdf files of many of the readings are attached. Other readings are drawn from Landes, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations; World Bank, Knowledge and Development; Diamond, Guns, Germs, and Steel; and Aghion and Howitt, Endogenous Growth Theory.

 Added 1999-01-15

Economics 202a.2, Spring 1998 The start of the syllabus website for my other spring 1999 course, Graduate Macroeconomics I.

 Added 1999-01-15

Reflections on Managing Global Integration A speech given by Deputy Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers to the Society of Government Economists. It will be (after editing) published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

 Added 1999-01-07

Has Globalization Gone too Far? A review of a very nice--albeit controversial--book by Dani Rodrik, Has Globalization Gone too Far? Dani Rodrik is trying to carve out space for the position that the desirability of globalization depends on whether governments have the will and the power to successfully carry out programs of social democracy.

 Added 1999-01-03

Internet Time A review of an intesting and very timely book by Michael Cusumano and Dwight Yoffee about the competitive struggle between Microsoft and Netscape called Competing on Internet Time: Lessons from Netscape and Its Battle with Microsoft

 Added 1999-01-03

December 1998
1998 A first draft of a short review of what happened in 1998 for the Neue Zuercher Zeitung.

Added 12/16/1998

Comment on Doug Irwin A comment, for the American Economic Assocation meetings in early 1999 in New York, on Douglas Irwin's paper "Did Late Nineteenth Century U.S. Tariffs Promote Infant Industries?: Evidence from the Tinplate Industry."

 Added 12/28/1998

Introduction to Business Cycle Symposium The Journal of Economic Perspectives is running a symposium on business cycles, with papers by Christina Romer, Susanto Basu and Alan Taylor, and Victor Zarnowitz. I'm writing an Introduction.

 Added 12/12/1998


November 1998
McCarthy's the One Elliott Abrams identifies himself with Joe McCarthy

 Added 11/30/1998

Nixon's the One Richard Nixon Segues from Thinking About the Hiss Case to Using "Any Means" in Political Warfare

 Added 11/30/1998

President Reagan's 1984 Speech at Pointe du Hoc, in Normandy My eight-year-old asked me about World War II today, and I discovered I had nothing in the house to show him--William Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and John Keegan's Six Armies in Normandy not being quite what I wanted... So I downloaded Ronald Reagan's 1984 Pointe du Hoc speech...

 Added 11/26/1998

Questions: Alternatives for the Americas U.C. Berkeley's Center for Latin American Studies--directed by Harley Shaiken--sponsored a conference on December 4, 1998: "Alternatives for the Americas." If it had been possible to ask questions from the floor, I would have asked three...

 Added 11/24/1998

East Asia's Crisis--and Ours J. Bradford DeLong, "East Asia's Crisis--and Ours: Remarks for the Tyson Teach-In on the East Asian Crisis" (Berkeley, CA, 1998).

 Added 11/20/1998

Trying to Talk About Tax Policy I campaign for U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, and discover how uninterested journalists are in finance--which is the real business of government.

 Added 11/2/1998


October 1998
Fong's Flat-tax Fallacy Oh no, not again! More screwy Republican tax policy proposals.

 Added 10/23/1998

Matt Fong's Flat Tax Notes for a press conference.

 Added 10/23/1998

Chomsky My Allergic Reaction to Noam Chomsky

 Added 10/23/1998

Ka-ching! Musings on the Amazon Associates program

 Added 10/13/1998

International Capital Mobility Handout For my November 3, 1998, Economics 202b lecture.

 Added 10/13/1998

Bubbles Handout Brief notes on key features in the Froot-Obsteld "Intrinsic Bubbles" and the DeLong-Shleifer-Summers-Waldmann "Noise Trader" papers, for Economics 202b

 Added 10/13/1998

Equity Premium Handout Brief notes on the equity premium, for Economics 202b.

 Added 10/13/1998

Midterm Answers Econ. 202b Midterm Answers, Fall 1998

 Added 10/13/1998

Rules, New and Old, for Tomorrow's Economy A review of two books, Carl Shapiro and Hal Varian, Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy, and Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the New Economy, for Worldlink: The Magazine of the World Economic Forum.

 Added 10/6/1998

Silicon Valley "The New Economy That Isn't All That New," an op-ed cut out of my Wilson Quarterly article, "How 'New' Is Today's Economy?"

 Added 10/6/1998

East Asia's Crisis and the Limits to Economics For the ECONSOC list <http://jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu/~tombrown/Econsoc/delong.html>

 Added 10/5/1998


September 1998
How Fast Is Modern Economic Growth? A Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Weekly Letter.

 Added 9/28/1998

The Shape of Twentieth Century History J. Bradford DeLong, "The Shape of Twentieth Century History" (for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Regional Review).

 Added 9/12/1998


August 1998
How "New" Is Today's Economy? Second draft. Forthcoming in the Wilson Quarterly.

 Added 8/27/1998

Economic History Seminar: Economics 211 Research in economic history. Graduate student and faculty presentations, and outside speakers.

 Added 8/24/1998

Economics 202b: Graduate Macroeconomics II For second-year graduate students

Added 8/24/1998

July 1998
How "New" Is Today's Economy? More thoughts on Kevin Kelly and the "new economy" gurus

 Added 7/15/1998

Seeing Like a State A review of a very odd book (James Scott (1998), Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed (New Haven: Yale University Press: 0300070160)) by Yale anthropologist James Scott. The book is odd because by the end of it Scott has argued himself into the intellectual position taken by the pre-World War II Austrian economists--and yet doesn't seem to recognize it.

 Added 7/4/1998

Helping Countries Prepare for Global Capital Flows J. Bradford DeLong (1998), "Helping Countries Prepare for International Capital Flows," USIA Economic Perspectives (August 5, 1998).

 Added 7/2/1998

June 1998
Review of David Brin's The Transparent Society What implications do modern audiovisual, communications, and computing technologies have for our standard, traditional notions of privacy? David Brin takes an extreme view in his book The Transparent Society...

 Added 6/26/1998

Vedder and Gallaway once again It was a bad day when I let Barry Eichengreen persuade me to review ..this book. Never get into an argument with people who don't understand the literature they are criticizing. It's just not worth it...

 Added 6/25/1998

Review of Edward Wolff's Book Proposal A review of a book proposal by Edward Wolff, Productivity Convergence: Theory and Evidence. He wants to survey the recent literature on economic growth.

 Added 6/18/1998

Economic Consultants' Meeting My comments on the stock market for an economic consultants' meeting called by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

 Added 6/15/1998

Favorite Cartoons from Suck I spent twenty minutes yesterday searching the Suck website for one *%$&#@* cartoon. They don't index the test in the dialogue balloons. No more!

Added 6/11/1998

How Fast Is Modern Economic Growth? A talk given at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco on June 11, 1998

 Added 6/11/1998

Nietzsche and Hitler Twentieth century journalist William L. Shirer's take on the relationship between Friedrich Nietzsche and the Third Reich, from William L. Shirer (1959), The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich ().

 Added 6/10/1998

May 1998
Quotations from Chairman Mao: Forward The forward--written by the subsequently-purged Lin Piao--to Quotations from Chairman Mao.

 Added 5/31/1998

Assessing Changing Business Cycle Volatility I have been working on the appendices for Slouching Towards Utopia?. Here's an attempt--a first draft of an attempt--to assess the ultimate bottom line to the literature started by Christina Romer's revisions of historical data series.

 Added 5/29/1998

Estimating World GDP I have been working on the appendices for Slouching Towards Utopia?. Here's an attempt to come up with a very long run historical series of "world GDP."

 Added 5/29/1998

Joel Mokyr on Jared Diamond An on-line review by Northwestern University economics and history professor Joel Mokyr of Jared Diamond's excellent book, Guns, Germs and Steel

 Added 5/28/1998

Slouching Towards Utopia?: The Economic History of the Twentieth Century

Newly revised versions of the first seven "thematic" chapters of my twentieth century economic history manuscript. They still lack polish, and they still lack a good deal of the scholarly apparatus of notes and citations needed to make the ms. part of a conversation. But the outlines of the argument are clear, and enough of the details are sketched in to make it clear where I am trying to go.

 Added 5/28/1998

Eagleton on Rorty Literary critic Terry Eagleton demolishes American philosopher Richard Rorty's rejection of "universalism" in politics and morality.

 Added 5/26/1998

Estimating World GDP Having failed to find anyone foolhardy enough to construct very long run estimates of world GDP, I constructed my own.

 Added 5/24/1998

Economics 202c Syllabus First darft syllabus for my spring 1998 economic growth course.

Added 5/22/1998

Notes for 1998 Commencement The Berkeley economics commencement for 1998 was held on May 22, 1998. I had two bit parts in the program.

 Added 5/22/1998

Penn World Table, version 5.6 Robert Summers' and Alan Heston's estimates of the pattern of post-World War II economic growth by nation-state, as described in Robert Summers and Alan Heson, "The Penn World Table (Mark 5): An Expanded Set of International Comparisons, 1950-1988," Quarterly Journal of Economics 106:2 (May 1991), pp. 327-368.

 Added 5/20/1998

Discussing David Landes My contributions to online discussions of David S. Landes's book, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Why Are Some So Rich and Others So Poor (New York: W.W. Norton, 1998). 544 pp. ??. ISBN: 0393040178

 Added 5/20/1998

Slouching Towards Utopia? New drafts (of the first few chapters, at least) of my twentieth century economic history book.

 Added 5/20/1998

Job Market for Economists Tracking those who entered Berkeley's Economics Ph.D. program in the fall of 1991. Where are they now? What are they doing?

 Added 5/12/1998

Silicon Valley Author Po Bronson on Silicon Valley. From Wired. Po Bronson is the author of two very nice novels, Bombardiers and The First $20M

 Added 5/12/1998

Reply to Bhagwati In the May/June 1998 issue of Foreign Affairs, Jagdish Bhagwati calls me a banner-waving proponent of international capital mobility. Them's fightin' words.

 Added 5/6/1998

Microsoft and Robert Bork A rant against the low quality of the debate about Microsoft and antitrust policy.

 Added 5/4/1998

April 1998
Earth From Space From the Galileo mission.

 Added 4/25/1998

South Polar Ozone Hole: 1997 It's amazing what you can find on the web these days...

 Added 4/25/1998

Stanley Fischer on the IMF and East Asia A nice speech by IMF Principal Deputy Managing Director about what they are doing in Esat Asia.

 Added 4/13/1998

Interesting Books I am going to try to keep a page of interesting books that I have read (or want to read), with links to their pages at amazon.com.

 Added 4/12/1998

Charles Maier on Collective Responsibility A passage from his The Unmasterable Past: History, Holocaust, and German National Identity.

 Added 4/12/1998

"Trying to Deal with Globalization" A comment for D. Baker, R. Pollin, eds. (forthcoming), Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy (Washington, DC: EPI).

 Added 4/6/1998

"Lessons" of History for the East Asian Financial Crisis A short piece on East Asia and economic history that I wrote to try to kick off a discussion on H-Net

 Added 4/6/1998

"Thinking About Wealth and Poverty" The extended version of my review of David S. Landes's The Wealth and Poverty of Nations:. Forthcoming on H-NET.

 Added 4/3/1998

March 1998
Slate vs. Salon Log A log of the times it takes me to access articles on Slate relative to articles on Salon. This comprises extended (and ex post facto) background research for my piece about the unbearable heaviness of Slate...

 Added 3/18/1998

Multimedia Page A master page to serve as a directory to multimedia economics education materials.

 Added 3/11/1998

U.S. Unemployment, 1960-Present A standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

 Added 3/11/1998

What Is the Phillips Curve? Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

 Added 3/11/1998

Expected Inflation and the Natural Rate of Unemployment Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

 Added 3/11/1998

A Steep Phillips Curve Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

 Added 3/11/1998

A Shallow Phillips Curve Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

 Added 3/11/1998

Building Up the Income-Expenditure Diagram Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

 Added 3/11/1998

Technological change Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

Added 3/11/1998

The multiplier and the marginal propensity to consume Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

 Added 3/11/1998

Supply shocks and stagflation Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

 Added 3/11/1998

Loss of central bank inflation-fighting credibility Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

 Added 3/11/1998

The steady-state capital-output ratio Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

Added 3/11/1998

Convergence to the steady-state Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

Added 3/11/1998

Stepping through the multiplier... Another standard introductory economics graph-in-motion.

 Added 3/11/1998

The Multiplier Here is an attempt to provide an animated version of one of the standard introductory economics graphs.

Added 3/11/1998

The "remarks" of post-modernist apologist-for-nonsense and damage control expert Stanley Fish, given at Lagado University early last fall. If you have not been following the "Sokal affair"--Alan Sokal's "experiment" to see if the editors of the journal Social Text could identify nonsense when it was submitted to them (the results were negative: they could not identify deliberate nonsense)--you have missed the most delicious academic joke of the decade. And of all of the "texts" generated by the affair, the following summary of the remarks of Social Text defender and apologist Stanley Fish is--in my view at least--the funniest.

 Added 3/10/1998

Comment on Clarida, Gali, and Gertler At the Stanford CEPR/ Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco conference on monetary policy in March 1998 I was assigned the task of commenting on a--very good--article by Rich Clarida, Jordi Gali, and Mark Gertler.

 Added 3/5/1998

Niccolo Machiavelli in internal political exile

A letter from Niccolo Machiavelli to his friend and hoped-for patron Francesco Vettori, describing his life in internal political exile after the fall of Florentine Republican government that he had served.

It is best known for its description of how Machiavelli spends his evenings, in the company of the wise ancients...

 Added 3/2/1998

February 1998
Four Kinds of Economic Growth

Final version of my handout for my St. Cloud State University talk, 2/20/1998, at St. Cloud's Winter Economics Education conference.

The conference ended only... 26 hours ago. Yet it feels like it happened a week ago--it's amazing how much mental distance can be created by painfully-full airplane flights.

 Added 2/21/1998

The Unbearable Heaviness of Slate I know, it needs a different title. My thoughts on the fact that Slate takes too long to download, and is about to charge for downloads. Appeared in Rewired, February 23, 1998.

 Added 2/18/1998

Review of David S. Landes, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations. Appeared in the Washington Post Book World on March 15, 1998.

The Washington Post Book World called me up out of the blue the daythe main Post ran my op-ed on Asia's Flu. They offered me a chance to review David S. Landes: The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Why Are Some So Rich and Others So Poor? I jumped at it.

Further evidence--if any were needed--that intellectual influence has a very strong increasing-returns-to-scale component...

 Added 2/15/1998

The U.S. Economy "Back on Top"?: Economic Growth and the Rhetoric of National Power A written-up version of the talk I gave at the UCLA seminar in Social Theory and Comparative History on January 26, 1998. It will be published...

 Added 2/9/1998

Brief comment on Radelet and Sachs A very brief comment on a paper draft by Steven Radelet and Jeffrey Sachs, "The Onset of the East Asian Financial Crisis."

Added 2/7/1998

East Asia: Lessons From the Great Depression George Shultz, William Simon, and Walter Wriston wrote an op-ed on East Asia for the February 2, 1998 Wall Street Journal. It struck me as poorly argued. This is my attempt at a response.

 Added 2/5/1998

January 1998
The Morning After Comment on a paper by Sebastian Edwards and Miguel Savastano, "The Morning After: The Mexican Peso in the Aftermath of the 1994 Currency Crisis"

 Added 1/27/1998

East Asia: The True Moral Hazard Yet another piece of my long article on the East Asian crisis--a long article that seems less and less likely to ever see the light of day.

 Added 1/26/1998

Handout for my January 26, 1998 UCLA talk The question that they asked me to talk about: "Is the U.S. economy 'back on top'?"

 Added 1/24/1998

C.V. My updated curriculum vitae.

 Added 1/23/1998

Check here for recently-updated and added Econ 202a files I suspect that there are going to be a lot of them.

 Added 1/21/1998

Why I'm Not So Fond of Alfonse D'Amato I'm not fond of Clay Chandler either. Digging through my files, I found an old Washington Post clipping that reminded me that I did not like being on the receiving end of the leak process.

 Added 1/21/1998

Reading Notes: Modes of Production and Growth A brief page of meant-to-be-provocative thoughts on the first week's readings for Economics 210b.

 Added 1/20/1998

Econ 210b The Economics 210b (Graduate European Economic History) Website is open for business.

 Added 1/20/1998

The Econ 202a Website is up

The Economics 202a (Graduate Macroeconomics I) Website. Contains pages on:

 Added 1/20/1998

The Virtual Hallway: a Mock-Up A preliminary mock-up. A mock-up that may some day become the template for a "Virtual Hallway"--that place where you grab real experts and ask what you should say if asked about a partiular issue. The desired level would be something about halfway between an Economist "issues brief" and the briefing materials for a member of the Council of Economic Advisers.

 Added 1/17/1998

Asian exchange rates in 1996 and 1997 A good way to gain a sense of the magnitude--and the suddenness--of East Asia's current exchange crisis.

 Added 1/15/1998

Ralph Nader's Open Letter to Bob Rubin (attacking IMF aid to Korea) A creepy, sad, and pathetic document. The creepiest--positively Orwellian--moment is when Nader refers to "devaluation and other contractionary policies..." Since well before the days of Keynes, devaluation has been the original expansionary policy. People have objected to devaluation as dangerously expansionary. No one--before Nader--has ever condemned devaluation as contractionary.

 Added 1/14/1998

Asia's Economic Future A short-run forecast of what lies ahead for Asia's economies--and why IMF support is a good thing. This piece is a chunk of a broader--but still unfinished--piece on East Asia's financial crisis that I have been working on for a while.

 Added 1/13/1998

What's Wrong with Our Bloody Economies? An attempt to put East Asia's financial crises in proper perspective: their root cause is Wall Street's tendency to stampede, in this case to stampede out of the markets that they were so eager to invest in two years ago. This piece is a chunk of a broader--but still unfinished--piece on East Asia's financial crisis that I have been working on for a while. [Published in the Los Angeles Times on January 28, 1998.]

 Added 1/12/1998

Asia's Flu, Nothing New: A History Lesson

An attempt to draw lessons for East Asia in 1998 from the American financial crisis of exactly 125 years ago. The lesson? That financial crises are extremely damaging in the absence of a lender of last resort. This piece is a chunk of a broader--but still unfinished--piece on East Asia's financial crisis that I have been working on for a while.

Retitled "Crash and Learn," this was published in the Washington Post on February 12, 1998. See also Stanley Fischer on the IMF and East Asia

 Added 1/11/1998

East Asian schizophrenia The Economist published a very... odd--schizophrenic--lead editorial on the East Asian financial crisis, both approving and condemning IMF rescue attempts. This is my reaction.

 Added 1/10/1998

Attack of the Neo-Luddites! Occasionally I get annoyed at people who believe that modern computer and communications technologies are going to destroy the pristine utopia that is the current state of higher education.

 Added 1/8/1998

Economics 202a Website The websites for my spring 1998 courses are now settled in their new directories, and are officially under construction.

 Added 1/4/1998

Economics 210b Website The websites for my spring 1998 courses are now settled in their new directories, and officially under construction.

 Added 1/4/1998

The Rise of Supply-Sidism In the 1995 Public Interest, its editor Irving Kristol had some interesting things to say about why he supported supply-side economics in the late 1970s...

 Added 1/2/1998

Four Kinds of Economic Growth Notes for a talk to be given at St. Cloud University in Minnesota, late February.

 Added 1/2/1998

Robber Barons, 2nd draft My paper for the Carnegie Endowment's Moscow center

 Added 1/1/1998

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