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Created 11/20/1996
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Pre-January 1998 Added Files in Reverse Chronological Order

J. Bradford DeLong

December 1997
H.G. Wells' conversion to socialism From H.G. Wells' 1908 book, New Worlds for Old.

 Added 12/31/1997

Bertolt Brecht's private--very private--comments on the East German government.

For Slouching Towards Utopia. After the East German workers' uprising of June 17, 1953; playwright Bertolt Brecht wrote the following private epigram:

"After the uprising of the 17th June/ The Secretary of the Writers' Union/ Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee/ Stating that the people/ Had forfeited the confidence of the government/ And could win it back only/ By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier/ In that case for the government/ To dissolve the people/ And elect another?"

His public comments approved the dictatorship's suppression of the "counterrevolutionary rebellion."

 Added 12/28/1997

Speed! Speed! More speed for the www! A column by SunSoft engineer Jakob Nielsen on the importance of speed in human-computer interaction. The research of the usability crowd has enormously important implications for how people should design their www pages--implications that almost everyone ignores.

 Added 12/28/1997

On the Economics of Publishing My father wrote a piece on the economics of publishing for the Wall Street Journal.

 Added 12/28/1997

Alan Blinder on why it is hard to accelerate the growth of the U.S. economy I have been looking for a good, clean, coherent, understandable way to make this argument for a while. Alan Blinder does a good job.

 Added 12/27/1997

Death is a master from Germany The poem "Todesfuge" by Paul Celan, as translated by Michael Hamburger. The poem is a recurrent motif throughout Ian Buruma's master book The Wages of Guilt. But I had never read it.

 Added 12/26/1997

"Post-World War II Western European Exceptionalism: The Economic Dimension" For a UCLA conference on the Marshall Plan, November 1997 (described by one participant as the last Marshall Plan anniversary conference).

 Added 12/26/1997

Revised Syllabus for Economics 202a Revised syllabus for my spring 1998 Graduate Macroeconomics course (TTh, 12:30-2:00).

 Added 12/4/1997

Revised Syllabus for Economics 210b Revised syllabus for my spring 1998 Graduate European Economic History course (W 2-4).

 Added 12/4/1997

Final Exam for Econ 210a The semester draws to a close. Here is the takehome final exam for Economics 210a.

 Added 12/3/1997

The Budget Deficit A weekly letter for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

 Added 12/1/1997

Economic Consequences of the Balanced-Budget Amendment Aha! Success at last! I have had some requests for copies of an analysis of the economic impact of a balanced-budget amendment that I did while while working at the Treasury; so here it is up on the web

 Added 12/1/1997

Globalization and Wage Stagnation A mid-1993 argument that the Clinton administration should not link "globalization" with "wage stagnation"

 Added 12/1/1997

Clinton's Economy, and Kennedy's Still digging. Another late-1992 piece, this one comparing the New Democrats with the New Frontier.

 Added 12/1/1997

The Macroeconomic Outlook as of the End of 1992 Still digging through my hard disk. A draft of a memo for Larry Summers in December of 1992 arguing that the risks of a policy of deficit reduction were less than the convetional wisdom allowed.

 Added 12/1/1997

A Program for Economic Policy Watchers While digging through my hard disk looking for analyses of the balanced budget amendment, I found the attached piece on the dilemmas of American economic policy that I wrote the night that Clinton won the 1992 election. It's quite good. Too bad I couldn't find anyone who wanted to publish it...

 Added 12/1/1997

Old Rules for the New Economy Revised piece for David Hudson's website, "Rewired," expressing some annoyance at the cyberrevolutionary enthusiasm of Kevin Kelly. Part of a series of twelve critiques.

 Added 12/1/1997

November 1997
Alan Milward and the post-WWII reconstruction of western Europe A clarification-of-thought exercise: an e-mail I sent to my coauthor Barry Eichengreen after a frustrating conference weekend spent mostly trying to figure out what Alan Milward was trying to say. I failed.

 Added 11/20/1997

Review of Walter LaFeber's The Clash Walter LaFeber (1997), The Clash: U.S.-Japanese Relations Throughout History (New York: W.W. Norton), is the best book on U.S.-Japanese relations we are likely to have for some time. Yet it is very badly flawed.

 Added 11/19/1997

Was Science-Fiction Author Robert Heinlein Fascist? A subject on which I have had a surprisingly large number of conversations in the past few days--all triggered by Paul Verhoeven's use of neo-fascist imagery in his motion picture adaptation of Heinlein's Starship Troopers.

 Added 11/17/1997

Is the U.S. Economy "Back on Top"? Notes (so far) for a paper for a January 26, 1998 talk in front of UCLA's center for social theory and comparative history

 Added 11/17/1997

Western European Exceptionalism My paper for the November 1997 UCLA conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Marshall Plan.

 Added 11/9/1997

"What Do We Really Know About Economic Growth?" To be published in Michael Boskin, ed., Economic Growth. A piece for a conference held at Stanford's Hoover Institution.

 Added 11/7/1997

Globalization and History J. Bradford DeLong, "Marginal Notes on O'Rourke and Williamson's forthcoming book: Globalization and History: The Evolution of a 19th Century Atlantic Economy "

 Added 11/5/1997

European Economic History--Econ. 210b A draft reading list for my spring 1997 graduate European economic history course is starting to take shape.

 Added 11/4/1997

Economics 202a: Macro An edited draft reading list for my spring 1997 graduate macroeconomics course.

 Added 11/4/1997

The Economic Foundations of Peace: International Economic Organizations A paper for a November 1997 UCLA conference on the economics of war and peace. I found that I didn't have as much to say as I would have wished.

 Added 11/3/1997

Old Rules for the New Economy A piece for David Hudson's website, "Rewired," expressing some annoyance at the cyberrevolutionary enthusiasm of Kevin Kelly.

 Added 11/3/1997

October 1997
Richard von Weizsäcker The President of the Federal Republic of Germany gave a very good speech to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the end of the World War II in Europe.

 Added 10/22/1997

"The Current Boom: KQED Notes" Notes for a panel discussion to be held at the Commonwealth Club on Thursday, October 23.

Added 10/22/1997

"Notes on the 1997 Budget Deal" A talk, on the 1997 deficit and budget deal, that I gave at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in celebration of the end of the federal government's 1997 fiscal year.

Added 10/1/1997

September 1997
An example from the Wall Street Journal editorial page of the lack of economic literacy. The Wall Street Journal editorial page does not know the difference between the "Keynesian" policy of stimulating an economy in recession by running a large budget deficit, and the opposite--"Classical," counter-productive--policy of trying to balance the budget in a recession. I wish that they were alone among journalists in their lack of comprehension of the economic doctrines they write about.

 Added 9/15/1997

August 1997
Notes page for week three (pre-industrial growth) of Economics 210a Readings for this week consist of four pieces of very different scope: Michael Kremer surveys 1 million BC to the present; Jared Diamond looks at the past 10,000 years; Eric Jones looks at the past 2,000; DeLong and Shleifer look at pre-industrial Europe alone.

 Added 8/30/1997

Potential handouts for Economics 210a:

I suspect that Christina Romer and I are going to have a large number of handouts for our Economics 210a course. Here are some sketches that may eventually turn into materials for the course.

 Added 8/25/1997

"From Beast to Beauty,"Wilson Quarterly, 21:4 (Autumn, 1997), pp. 70-81. The Republican Party has always viewed corporations as entities that are to be nurtured: "the business of America is business." But recently the core of the Democratic Party has moved away from the belief that corporate power needs to be controlled, limited, and restrained and toward the belief that corporations are fragile entities that need support. What's going on?

 Added 8/25/1997

A welcome to incoming graduate students I find myself repeatedly coming back to John Maynard Keynes's toast: "To the economists. While they are not the trustees of Civilization, they are the trustees of the possibility of Civilization."

Added 8/25/1997

Reading list for Economics 210a (Fall 1997) The reading list for my fall course, co-taught with Christina Romer.

Added 8/14/1997

Inventions Where in the world have inventions been made? The page shows the locations of the major inventions listed in the Smithsonian Visual Timeline of Inventions. It shows how over the course of human history the center of technological creativity has swung from the Middle East to the Eastern Mediterranean, then to China, then to Europe, and more recently across the Atlantic to America.

 Added 8/14/1997

Notes for a KQED radio "Forum" program on the budget The notes are pretty extensive. Who knows which way the conversation will go, and what the callers will say.

 Added 8/5/1997

July 1997
Revised version of the corporation and the command economy The collapse of the Soviet Union has been universally taken to mean that "planning" is bad and "market" allocation processes are good. But a very large industrial corporation has about the same footprint in the world economy as Canada or Spain. What keeps our large corporations from following the path of the Soviet Union?

 Added 7/29/1997

Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech. A much more sober document in reality than in the quotes found in history textbooks. Churchill is interested in detente with the Soviet Union, not in containment or rollback.

 Added 7/25/1997

I've started to construct my Adam Smith page Still well worth reading, even after 225 years.

 Added 7/13/1997

J. Bradford DeLong, "Richard Easterlin, Growth Triumphant: The Twenty-First Century in Historical Perspective" (review) Richard Easterlin has written a very nice book about the nature of and prospects for modern economic growth.

Added 7/11/1997

J. Bradford DeLong, "Managing International Financial Disorder: Lessons [?] From the Peso Crisis" (talk) A talk given in front of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

 Added 7/9/1997

The Declaration of Independence A fitting day to put this up on the world wide web.

 Added 7/4/1997

J. Bradford DeLong, Interesting Assessments of Leon Trotsky (notes) Notes that will possibly find a place in Slouching Towards Utopia

 Added 7/1/1997

June 1997
J. Bradford DeLong, "The Weekly Standard: A Liberal Opinion Magazine?" (unfinished) I don't like to read the New Republic or the New York Review of Books these days, yet I look fowad to reading The Weekly Standard. I'm trying to figure out why.

 Added 6/24/1997

J. Bradford DeLong, "Why Do Conservatives Fear Albert Einstein?" (unfinished) Why do so many conservatives think that their cause would be aided by disproving Einstein's physics?

 Added 6/16/1997

J. Bradford DeLong, "Review of Akira Iriye's The Origins of the Second World War in Asia and in the Pacific (New York: Longman, 1987)." (musings) The Japanese government, army, and navy's decision to wage World War II in the Pacific appears even more stupid and less comprehensible than I had imagined.

 Added 6/12/1997

J. Bradford DeLong, "Passing Up My Chance to Spend the Weekend with Dan Quayle" (short article) Why does the Republican Party think I'm a potential large-scale soft-money donor?

 Added 6/9/1997

May 1997
J. Bradford DeLong, "The Minimum Wage: The U.S. Experience," forthcoming in Parliamentary Brief (article) The U.S. has had a relatively good experience with the minimum wage. Will the same be true for Britain?

 Added 5/23/1997

Thoughts on "the corporation and the command economy" How are today's companies different from those of a century ago?

 Added 5/10/1997

April 1997
The version of the piece below that appeared in Slate: "Trading Places" (short article) I'm genuinely scared of the Helms-Burton Act...

 Added 4/5/1997

March 1997
A draft op-ed: "Bad Trade: The Cuban Embargo and the Future of the World Trade Organization." (short article) I'm genuinely scared of the Helms-Burton Act...

 Added 3/25/1997

The first full draft of my twentieth century economic history book, Slouching Towards Utopia, is finally up. I'm still not happy with the ms.--the balance of subjects is wrong... (book ms.) Unfortunately, it's not quite a full draft after all...

 Added 3/15/1997

February 1997

January 1997
The first full draft of my twentieth century economic history book, Slouching Towards Utopia, is going up on the web site chapter by chapter. Chapters 0 through 11 are up now... (book ms.) I'm surprised at how much of this I have written...

 Added 1/24/1997

December 1996
Comment on Xavier Sala-i-Martin, "I Just Ran Two Million Regressions" (talk) A comment presented at the January 1997 American Economic Association meeting

Added 12/28/1996

Billionaires (A project in progress) (musings) An attempt to look at the American economy through he lens of the very, very rich.

Added 12/28/1996

"Review of Richard Vedder and Lowell Gallaway, Out of Work: Unemployment and Government in Twentieth-Century America" (article) Why do so many people write books in which they have the answer--in which the whole economy can be understood through grasping one single factor? I hate that...

Added 12/28/1996

"Review of Doug Irwin's Against the Tide: An Intellectual History of Free Trade" (short article) Doug Irwin is writing very good politically-relevant economic and intellectual history.

Added 12/26/1996

"Review of Daniel Cohen's The Misfortunes of Prosperity: An Introduction to Modern Political Economy" (short article) A book that I wish that I had written.

Added 12/26/1996

"The British Stock Market and British Growth, 1870-1914"; with Richard Grossman. Available only in .doc and .pdf versions (article) First fruits of my NSF project with Richard Grossman.

Added 12/26/1996

"Is the Stock Market Overvalued?" in Slate (short article) The short answer: yes, it is; prepare for a stock market crash.

Posted 12/20/1996

"Understanding America's Hesitant Steps Toward Financial Capitalism"; with Carlos Ramirez. Available only in .doc and .pdf versions (article) A continuation of my financial capitalism project.

Added 12/19/1996

B.A. 130 (Introductory Finance) [Fall 1996] (lecture notes) I am not sure how helpful this will be divorced from the course it rests on.

Reorganized 12/18/1996

Alan Greenspan and the Stock Market (short article) Is the market overvalued? The short answer: yes, it is; prepare for a stock market crash.

Added 12/7/1996

A Short Review of Economic Growth (article) In which I try to make sense of all the theories of economic growth that are out there.

Added 12/2/1996

November 1996
Pacific Economic Prospects (unfinished draft)  

Added 11/20/1996

More recently added files...

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