Macroeconomics Glossary

J. Bradford DeLong

This is an online version of the draft glossary for my Irwin-McGraw-Hill macroeconomics textbook, called (surprisingly) Macroeconomics. The hope is to make this webpage serve many more functions than those a glossary is uesually called on to serve. Glossaries usually just tell you what a word means. However, most people looking up terms want to know more: they want to know where the concept labeled by the word fits into the overall intellectual structure of the discipline, they want to know why the concept is important, and they want to know how to use the concept.

In short, to be truly useful this needes to become much more than a conventional glossary. It is my hope that this page will over time grow into something that is much more like an online quick-reference macroeconomics micro-encyclopedia...

The Glossary:


Do you think that something is missing? Didn't find what you were looking for? Unsatisfied with a definition? E-mail me, or simply tell me in the form below. (However, I will use every comment submitted to this page as I see fit, and I will incorporate it into the body of my own work. So if you want to regard what you think as your own personal private intellectual property, please don't press the submit button.)

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