Some webpages useful for teachers of intermediate macroeconomics:

The more time I spend on the web, the more impressed I am with the value of lowest-common denominator material: so much high-end or sophisticated stuff simply breaks, in one way or another. So I have put together this library of simple visual animated economics demonstrations using the simplest possible technology: animated .gif files, which can be read by practically any browser. I have (naturally) keyed them to my own textbook, but they cover material that has to be covered in any intermediate macroeconomics course.

I hope that they will be useful for students trying to figure out just what is going on in their intermediate macroeconomics courses.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Macroeconomics

  • 1.2.2: U.S. Unemployment, 1960-Present
  • Chapter 2: Measuring the Macroeconomy

    Chapter 3: Thinking Like an Economist

    Chapter 4: The Theory of Economic Growth

    Chapter 5: The Reality of Economic Growth

    Chapter 6: Building Blocks of the Flexible-Price Model

    Chapter 7: Equilibriium in the Flexible-Price Model

    Chapter 8: Money, Prices, and Inflation

    Chapter 9: The Income-Expenditure Framework: Consumption and the Multiplier

    Chapter 10: Investment, Net Exports, and Interest Rates: The IS Curve

    Chapter 11: Extending the Sticky-Price Model

    Chapter 12: The Phillips Curve and Expectations

    Chapter 13: Stabilization Policy

    Chapter 14: The Budget Balance, the National Debt, and Investment

    Chapter 15: International Economic Policy

    Chapter 16: Changes in the Macroeconomy and Changes in Macroeconomic Policy

    Chapter 17: The Future of Macroeconomics

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