February 11, 2003

Broadband Is an Inalienable Right

Speak of the devil department:

The State of Kentucky will provide broadband Internet access in low-income housing projects:

Taking an aggressive stance on the issue of the digital divide, the Kentucky Housing Corporation, or KHC, has listed broadband Internet access among the inalienable rights of its low-income housing residents.

As part of an effort to enact universal design standards for public housing, the KHC passed a mandate (PDF) stating that all new housing units funded more than 50 percent by the KHC must be equipped with access to high-speed Internet service... [Link to Full Story]

[From Boing Boing]

Posted by DeLong at February 11, 2003 08:47 PM | TrackBack

I have no problem with a house being wired to handle broadband service if the home owner is willing to pick up the monthly bill. However, taxpayers should not be paying for the broadband service of non-taxpayers. Dial up service is good enough, and this is usually available at a much lower price. Poor people find the money for cable TV---sometimes even the premium channels--and they can also pay for their own internet service.

Many of these folks spend too much money on junk food and liquor. Thatís just a fact of life Liberals donít like to face. They prefer to see these folks as mere victims of a so-called exploitive capitalist society. Iím not buying any of this nonsense.

Posted by: David Thomson on February 12, 2003 05:50 AM

Well, that's one way of providing sex education...

Posted by: Jon H on February 12, 2003 10:14 AM
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