February 14, 2000

I Want a Broadband Provider That Will Care More About Providing Good Service

I HATE the fact that I am--because of problems with getting DSL to my neighborhood, and the lack of wireless broadband options--enserfed to ATT broadband. The whole purpose of a market economy is to give me options: if I don't like what one is selling, I should be able to try out another...

Defending the Internet Revolution in the Broadband Era

America's stunning success in promoting the Internet revolution owes a major debt to determined regulatory action that encouraged all aspects of network openness and interconnection. America Online and other Internet service providers, not the Regional Bell Operating Companies, popularized mass subscriptions to the Internet. Personal computers, the Netscape browser, and Cisco, not AT&T, drove the architecture of data networking and the Web. All these innovations were possible because the Federal Communications Commission decided in the 1960s that the emerging world of data networking should not be treated like voice telecom services. Therefore, it exempted all forms of computer networking from much of the regulatory baggage--including fees to fund various cross-subsidies for voice telecom services--involving the telecom network. Regulatory policy forced open access to networks where the monopoly owners would try to keep things closed...

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