February 01, 2002

Key Dates in the Invention and Development of the Steamship

Steamship Chronology

1822 | England's S.S. Aaron Manby is the world's first iron steamship. She undergoes trials on the Thames and then goes into service across the Channel, arriving at Paris June 10 with a cargo of linseed oil and iron.
1829 | New York sailing captain Cornelius van Derbilt, 33, begins building steamboats.1840 The wooden steamship Britannia arrives at Boston on the first voyage of the government-subsidized Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. established the year before by Nova Scotia-born shipper Samuel Cunard, 43, in association with George and James Burns of Glasgow and David M'Iver of Liverpool.
1843 | The S.S. Great Britain launched July 19 by I. K. Brunel is the first of the large iron-hulled screw-propeller steamships that will dominate the transatlantic trade. The six-masted, single-screw, 3,270-ton vessel is 322 feet in length overall and carries a crew of 130 including 30 stewards, her dining room seats 360, she is the first propeller-driven ship (and first iron ship) to cross the Atlantic...

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