March 01, 2002

Do I Take Things Too Personally?

Btw, have you read any of Piers Anthony's less pulpy stuff like Incarnation
of Immortality or Bio of a Space Tyrant? The Xanth series just got
completely out of hand but he started off really well.


I read his _Macroscope_ a long, long time ago.

In the first few pages he introduced a character named Brad--intelligent, charming, decisive, an excellent companion and assistant to the somewhat-confused protagonist Ivo.

By page 100 Brad's mind had been destroyed by an alien video program...

By page 200 Brad had been accidently turned into a giant starfish by a misguided attempt by his ex-girlfriend to cure his mind using alien technology that she did not understand, and the giant starfish then immediately died...

I have *never* read anything else by Piers Anthony. And I never will.

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