March 28, 2002

Twirlip of the Mists

2002-03-28: I am both gratified by the number of people who write to ask me questions, and appalled by the number of requests that are either semi-literate or are clearly unedited regurgitations of homework assignments. Yesterday, however, I got a request which indicates that knowledge of my website has spread very far indeed...

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 12:02:29 +0000 (GMT)
From: Mariama Xi <>
Subject: Homework help

[Tranfer path: Astarte Local Nexus > Interbranch
Transcoherence Service > Yahoo]
[Language path: Cartan > Inter385 > English21]

It would be, like, so cool if you could help me with
my homework for my intermentation on economics. If you
could provide any infomation on [translation failure]
or semi-local reciprocated meme transfers across
low-level toposophic hierarchies in immediately pre-S1
societies I'd be eternally grateful. I'd prefer
multiply connected ideoplast arrays because my exoself
is having trouble dealing with anything other than
trivial translations to and from linear languages with
tree substrates and I doubt a memeer of your magnitude
would be dealing in trivialities [low-grade sycophancy

Thanks for your help,


Worthy of Twirlip of the Mists from Vernor Vinge's novel, _A Fire Upon the Deep_, or perhaps of David Brin's _Uplift War_. She kept up the role well: a further communication:

You're really a tribe? Do you make stealth V/STOL attacks
on other tribes and boil prisoners in pots and eat them like
God-Empress Victoria's tribe did with the Communists?
This is just so exciting!

Mariama Xi

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