April 06, 2002

Cleaning Out My Clippings File

From: "Peter G. Stillman" <stillman@vassar.edu>

...My wife and I found a live -- and vivant -- post-modern existentialist, or, rather, existential post-modernist, near the Universite de Montpellier last summer. Lost, we approached a traffic officer in a roundabout. My wife, pointing to the map in the red Michelin: "Monsieur, nous sommes perdus."

The officer, after a short pause: "Ah, Madame. Tous les hommes sont perdus."

Then, my wife told him where we wished to go -- an inn about three kilometres away.

And he said (I don't remember his exact French): "Madame, it is as difficult for me to direct you there as for me to tell you how to go from Paris to Marseille in a single sentence. There are too many possibilities, too many turns, too many ways." Then, like a modernist, he pointed out which road we should follow out of the roundabout.

We drove off -- geographically going in the correct direction, but ontologically completely befuddled.

GCU Savoire Fair

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