May 31, 2002

Yet Another Reason Why Paul Krugman Doesn't Like This Decade's Crop of Republicans

Heart of Cheapness

So here are our priorities. Faced with a proposal that would save the lives of eight million people every year, many of them children, we balk at the cost. But when asked to give up revenue equal to twice that cost, in order to allow each of 3,300 lucky families to collect its full $16 million inheritance rather than a mere $10 million, we don't hesitate. Leave no heir behind! Which brings us back to the Bono-O'Neill tour. The rock star must have hoped that top American officials are ignorant rather than callous -- that they just don't realize what conditions are like in poor countries, and how foreign aid can make a difference. By showing Mr. O'Neill the realities of poverty and the benefits aid can bring, Bono hoped to find and kindle the spark of compassion that surely must lurk in the hearts of those who claim to be compassionate conservatives. But he still hasn't found what he's looking for.

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