June 19, 2002

What Fionna O'Sullivan Wants: A Short and Simple List

(1) Instantaneous matter transmitters, that are cheap to use. Whilst the

time spent on a journey may add to the excitement of making the journey at

all, sometimes it is just a pain.

(2) An end to money. It worries me too much.

(3) If I can't have an end to money, I'd like more of it, so I could enjoy

the upcoming bank holiday weekend. I wouldn't need much, just enough to

ensure that I don't have to spend the whole weekend sitting inside worrying

about spending next week's bus fare.

(4) An incredible talent. Barring that, being even slightly able to mimic

accents would do me fine.

(5) Carpet in my office. It echoes too much.

(6) A 'common sense' virus to infect all humanity. Or maybe an empathy virus

would do as well. So everybody wakes up tomorrow and goes, 'Of course! It

all makes sense now! How could I have been so stupid!', and could get along

realising that other points of view are valid, not evil.

(7) A very large, lavish, expensive dinner, with a good bottle of wine.

Posted by DeLong at June 19, 2002 11:43 AM

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