July 02, 2002

Our Creeping Suspension of Habeas Corpus

Dan Kohn worries about how the U.S. courts aren't requiring that suspension of habeas corpus be carried out, constitutionally, by the Congress, but are instead eager to do it, unconstitutionally, all on their own.

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I hereby appoint Rick Swedloff, an attorney currently living in Philadelphia, PA, to represent me in any habeas corpus hearings if I am detained without counsel for being [accused of being] an enemy combatant. Hopefully, this blog entry will prevent the US government from arguing, as they have against Yaser Hamdi, that the public defender has no right to petition to provide counsel to Hamdi because the attorney has not had a chance to confer with the client he is petitioning to represent. Joseph Heller is laughing in his grave. The 4th circuit ruled today "that a public defender could not represent him because they did not know each other."

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I'd say to go to an attourney and get a power of attourney, to authorize your representation.


Posted by: Barry on July 3, 2002 06:05 AM
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