July 05, 2002

Are There Really Worse Things for the Congo Than Mobutu Sese Seko?

Chris Bertram reads this week's Economist, and reports that the answer is, "Yes." The current state of the Congo in its pointless civil war is worse than things were back when Mobutu was dictator.


But the highlight of this week's issue is a truly heartrending piece on the Congo:

IN THE chocolate waters of the Congo river, a mutilated corpse rolls by. The rebels' "minister for children" shivers. How is he going to explain this to the horrified UN peace envoys from the capital, Kinshasa, who are at that moment stepping on to the quay to meet him? Not by telling the truth, obviously, which was that his rebel group had slaughtered 150 people in the town of Kisangani on May 14th-15th, then pitched their disembowelled bodies into the river with stones crammed into their bellies. Instead, he smiles, accepts the envoys' offerings of food aid, and talks chummily of other things.

Posted by DeLong at July 5, 2002 09:16 AM

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