July 08, 2002

Mirror of Wildernesses

The Poor Man

More from the It's All About Me Files - Brad Delong has a archive category entitled Commentators: Andrew Northrup. I am one of five commentators given their own category, one of whom is Michael Kinsley. It should prove greatly encouraging to Mr. Kinsley that he was included with a distinguished wordsmith such as I, especially if I was right in guessing that you use "whom" instead of "who" in the last sentence, and if I was right in regard to the whole "I" vs. "me" issue just now. I fully realize that the set of people who actually care is identical to the set of people who are typing this post, and I promise I'm not about to start talking about how many hits I get on prime numbered Thursdays or what kooky google searches this page shows up on, but I had a Sally Field Oscar moment when I saw that. ("Norma Rae", not "Places in the Heart". Duh.)

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