July 14, 2002

2002-07-13: Notes: African Development

2002-07-13 Notes: African Development: An Email Exchange

> And? Don't keep us in suspense! Was the fertilizer plant feasible?
> Was it built? Does it work? Do thousands of cheering Tanzanians daily
> praise the name of ________ _______?

The plant was actually in Uganda, but Tan-zanier is one of the main

But no. It fizzled. Not because it wasn't feasible, it was an excellent
project, IMO. Trouble was the whole thing ground to a slow stuttering
halt, because there's too many people who want to know what you can do
for them, instead of doing their jobs.



> Too many people in Britain? In Cyprus? In Uganda?
> Brad

In Uganda. Like endemic bribery and corruption to a degree that was
almost a self-parody.


But Yoweri Musaveni is supposed to be one of Africa's best rulers, and his government one of the most honest...

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