July 25, 2002

A 911 Joke

In response to a comment of mine about who... unnatural... acting before the camera is, John D. Best writes a short, very funny meditation about what it must have been like being Osama bin Laden's director:

The key edge that great actors--Katherine Hepburn--Ronald Reagan--Bill Clinton--have over people like Osama bin Laden is that the great actors know how to treat the camera as if it were a person--engage with it, give in eye contact, and so on. Bin Laden cannot convince himself that it is a person, hence he comes off as insincere and bored...

Brad DeLong

Osama: "Whats my motivation?"

Director: "Genocide, luv."

Osama: "Ok, think genocide, mass destruction...are you ready sweetie?"

Director: "Yes, luv, rolling"

Osama: "The west... blah blah blah.. suffering... blah blah"

Director: "Cut! Osama, darling, you're just not getting it."

Osama: "It's this beard, how am I supposed to inspire fear when I look like I'm chewing an arthritic badger? I'm going to my cave."

Director: "But Luv!"

John D. Best

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