February 22, 2003

Notes: World-Famous Psychologist Arianne Emory on Human Genetic Diversity

C.J. Cherryh (1988), Cyteen (New York: Warner Books: 0446671274).

Dispersion is absolutely essential, but so are adequately diverse genepools.... We do not create Thetas because we want cheap labor. We create Thetas because they are an essential and important part of human alternatives. The ThR-23 hand-eye coordination, for instance, is exceptional. Their psychset lets them operate very well in environments in which... geniuses would assuredly fail. They are tough, ser, in ways I find thoroughly admirable, and I recommend you, if you ever find yourself in a difficult [wilderness] situation... hope your companion is a ThR... who will survive, ser, to perpetuate his type, even if you do not.

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