February 22, 2003

Yet Another Procrastination Helper

Dave Sifry provides us with yet another way to widen the scope of our infovore grazing behavior in an interesting way:

Technorati: Top 50 Interesting Recent [We]blogs with Context: Sort of a list of [we]blogs that people are talking about today. This is still experimental, I'm getting a feeling for the usefulness of this search. It should bring up relatively less-known [we]blogs that have new, interesting content posted on them.

In other, related, news, Kieren Healy begs for mercy:

Oh Not Another One: Via Patrick Nielsen Hayden comes yet another interesting goddamn [we]blog, this time from a history prof at Swarthmore. My God, have you people no pity? Give it a rest with your pithy and insighful commentary already. I'm supposed to be writing articles, for crying out loud.

I think I'll be distributing this to my students soon, in the hope that it will do them some good.

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