March 07, 2003

Notes: Infrastructure and Economic Development

Roeller and Waverman (2001), "Telecommunications Infrastructure and Economic Development: A Simultaneous Approach," American Economic Review (September), 91:4, p. 909 ff.

Telecommunications infrastructure and economic growth: 21 countries over 20 years. "for high levels of telecommunications infrastructure the impact on economic growth is substantially larger" ...threshold effects at 40% market penetration... i.e., near universal service...

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Hey Brad,

When Prince Alan mumbles stuff like, "such (chronic, severe and steadily worsening current account) imbalances should not be taken as a sign of a 'systemic problem,' since the process of global financial integration is not yet complete."

["Greenspan: Trade Gaps Can Be Disruptive" ]

Do you think any reputable, true, PhD, economist (like yourself, of course ;-) really believes him? I mean, you guys MUST have at least heard of Wynne Godley (he's an economist) and what he and some of us uniniated like to call a "debt trap": Haven't you ;?)

["Interim Report: Notes on the U.S. Trade and Balance of Payments Deficits" ]

(I was just curious. Don't have a cow man ;!)

Posted by: Mike Conner on March 7, 2003 01:15 PM
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