March 09, 2003

Web Services: Technorati

We can see dimly through the mists what Vannevar Bush's vision of the networked web of human thought would really be like to implement. In fact, two pieces of it have recently been put into place: Movable Type's Trackback, and Technorati...

Sifry's Alerts: The Technorati Story: How a New Web-Services Product Grew out of a Research Assignment: The result, after three weekends of hacking, is, a new site that provides four services:

  1. Link Cosmos shows you what blogs are linking to your blog, or any other blog or any arbitrary URL. Every time another blog saves a post, it sends out an RSS notification that Technorati receives, puts in a database and lists on request in your current cosmos. This is a major advance over referrer logs, which only show followed links.

  2. Google Rank shows you the top 100 sites on Google for a given search term. Technorati rechecks Google's rankings daily, so you can see how the rankings change over time.

  3. Google Juice tells you where your blog ranks in the top 1,000 for any search term.

  4. Watchlists keep and track historical information about a given site, allowing you to see new links to your site quickly as well as historical ranking information not shown in standard views.

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