April 07, 2003


Paul Boutin loves the color supplement to this month's Wired magazine...

Paul Boutin : Get UnWired : The current issue of Wired mag includes a Wi-Fi primer, bundled as a 60-page mini-magazine that pops out to keep or, better yet, pass around. UnWired features articles on understanding the Wi-Fi landscape and setting up your own network. BoingBoing regular Xeni Jardin and I were both so enthusiastic about UnWired that we contributed two articles each.

Xeni explains our use of the radio spectrum as it is, and as it could be. I put aside my usual snobbery about doing how-to articles and business landscapes to hammer out a long getting started primer written with my family in Maine in mind. It lists specific products and services - Linksys, AirPort, Starbucks, Surf and Sip - that I know will work for those who follow the instructions, yet won't bankrupt families that can't rush out to buy a new laptop. Or businesses that can't splurge on T1 infrastructure. I also list "25 Companies to Watch," a cocktail party primer rather than an investment guide.

Most of the blog-reading crowd will find much of this familiar material, so here's a suggestion: Buy Wired for Steve Silberman's Matrix story on the cover, but yank out UnWired and give it to someone who hasn't yet cut the Ethernet cord. Remember when you installed Mosaic for someone you loved back in 1994? It's that time all over again.

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When I can feel 98% secure that noone can hack my wireless connection, then I'll do it, but not until then. I don't feel that there is enough security for home devices yet and I don't want to share all of my information to the world.

Posted by: Taxed on April 7, 2003 01:47 PM
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