April 17, 2003

A Short Instructional Video

The sprightly and interesting Teresa Nielsen Hayden (whom the Manchester Guardian says HAS THE BRAIN OF A MAN!!!) points us, via Erik Olsen, at an instructional video on how to turn off a 345,000 volt circuit.

One of the truly cool things about late nineteenth and early twentieth century science and technology is that the peeling-back of the standard order of nature produces effects that can be... very impressive to human senses. By contrast, twenty-first century science's effects seem to me to be much more subtle, and are apprehended primarily through the mind's eye, if at all. I think that the recognition that the lepton-family eigenstates of the neutrino are not the same as the energy-eigenstates is as cool as the fact that you generate enormous artificial lightning bolts when you turn off a 345,000 volt circuit. But only the second is visible in an impressive way to the naked eye (and to the naked I, for that matter).

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The paper's published out of London now.

It hasn't been called the Manchester Guardian for decades.

Posted by: M Ali Choudhury on April 21, 2003 04:22 AM
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