April 17, 2003

Harvard Political Philosophy at the End of the 1970s

Jacob Levy says:

Jacob Levy: (Ah, to have been at Harvard in the 1970s, able to hear Rawls and Nozick and Sen, Walzer and Shklar, all at the same institution!)

I assure you, it was highly cool. (I never got much out of Nozick, however: I found _ASU_ in the library to be better than Nozick in person.)

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John Rawls and Israel Scheffler, my advisor, were gems of gems. There was Richard Niebuhr, at Divinity, as wonderful a thinker and person as I might imagine. Imagine listening to Niebuhr on Moby Dick. Don Oliver, always there for all. We would talk till the last train to Concord. E.O. Wilson would eat dinner with us and talk of birds and spiders at Lowell House. There were more and there was so much....

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Richard Niebuhr is still here at the Div school, although I've never taken a class with him. I don't think he teaches much anymore, but I did shop a class that he team-taught with a younger faculty member.

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One of my favorite books is Shklar's "Ordinary Vices". I've constantly used her "first vice" theory in my own life, as well as avoiding cruelty.

From what I heard, her personal life is a fairly heroic story. Too bad I was not at Harvard in the 70s.


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