May 19, 2003

Reports From the Future

Lance Knobel brings back some reports from the future of the Information Age: the place known as South Korea:

Davos Newbies Home: They've seen the future 

More and more interesting information is coming out about South Korea, the country with the world's highest penetration of broadband networks.

Dan Gillmor writes about Ohmynews: "OhmyNews is transforming the 20th century's journalism-as-lecture model, where organizations tell the audience what the news is and the audience either buys it or doesn't, into something vastly more bottom-up, interactive and democratic." I'd already noted the reports that the Internet -- and Ohmynews in particular -- had been a significant influence in the Korean presidential elections. There's clearly a lot more to come.

And games developer Greg Costikyan has some astounding data on massively multiplayer games in Korea. According to Costikyan, total annualised dollar gross of Korean MMGs is probably larger than the US market. And he notes, "One Korean game, Legend of Mir III, claims 700,000 simultaneously online users in China. (It's rare for [EverQuest] to have more than 100,000 online simultaneously)."

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