May 26, 2003

Memorial Day

Arlington National Cemetary:

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Posted by: dahl on May 26, 2003 07:08 AM

Watched the Presidents speech at Arlington today (on C-SPAN). Was surprised to see all of the Christian prayers poored out for the fallen heros considering that people of many faiths and even no faith at all are burried in Arlington.

Consecrating their memory alongside the memory of 'the sacrificial son who was resurrected' and 'the redeemer who will rise again' is a divisive way of remembering those who have died.

There are plenty of secular ways to remember those who have fallen in defense of our country.

This is a secular country, right?

Posted by: ErolOtis on May 26, 2003 09:00 AM

Somebody remind me: when is the day of memorial for the million or two killed during the Vietnam war?


Posted by: David Lloyd-Jones on May 26, 2003 10:51 AM

July 27, War Martyrs' Memorial Day.

Posted by: Russil Wvong on May 26, 2003 02:00 PM

July 27, War Martyrs' Memorial Day.

Posted by: Russil Wvong on May 26, 2003 02:03 PM

I heard on NPR that Arlington has room for the next 50 years or so. Hard to imagine. Someday I'll get to visit.

Posted by: Alan on May 26, 2003 06:57 PM

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Posted by: Asad Ali on May 27, 2003 12:29 AM

Too bad there are people in that cemetary who died in wars started by administrations that lied in order to start those wars with countries that posed no threat to our great country.

Posted by: rumsfEld on May 27, 2003 01:30 AM

Krugman hits the nail on the head again this morning..

Posted by: jj on May 27, 2003 07:33 AM
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