July 03, 2003

New Dean

FACULTY, STUDENTS, AND STAFF: College of Letters and Science

I am pleased to announce that the Chancellor has appointed Professor Robert C. Holub as Dean of the Undergraduate Division, effective July 1, 2003.

Professor Holub joined the faculty at UC, Berkeley in 1979 and is an individual of immense energy, capabilities, and effectiveness. With extensive experience in both the administration and on Senate committees, he commands remarkably detailed knowledge of the workings of both campus and College. He chaired the German Department, of which he is a distinguished member, for six years, served as chair of CEP, and is just finishing this year as chair of the Budget Committee. He has been a member of the L&S Executive Committee, which is primarily focused on undergraduate education in L&S. His commitment to undergraduate education is also indicated by his service on the Marshall/Rhodes Prize Committee...

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