July 22, 2003

We Understand What It's Like to Delete All Your Files

So I went searching for a couple of articles written by Userland Software President John Robb, and came up with "404" messages. I went to Userland Software's home page, and learned:

UserLand.Com: Easy Content Management: Every UserLand employee runs a weblog. People wonder how such a small company gets so much done. We use the tools, and refine them to make them work better in real world tasks. We understand what it's like to use our software because we do.

Apparently John Robb is no longer President of Userland Software. And apparently one of the extra benefits of having Userland host your weblog is that when you leave its employ, it deletes all your files--with no pointers, no forwarding at all.

Ah. Here they are. But--alas--unindexed because Google hasn't found them yet. A major pain...

I can't find anything from Robb about this other than a semi-cryptic "Thanks for all the e-mails (there have been a huge number) of support for me as I recover from the outage at UserLand. The good news: lots of great things to come and this new location offers lots of new flexibility. The bad news: a huge number (probably over 30,000, not even counting Google) of inbound links have been broken, as well as nearly 500 RSS subscriptions.  This proves the point: NEVER (under any circumstances) publish a weblog to a domain that you don't control."

"Easy content management" seems to be something that is incredibly difficult.

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