July 31, 2003

Coquetting with the Modes of Expression

The Washington Post's Al Kamen is bemused and somewhat incredulous at the College Republicans'... ummm... ummm... coquetting with the modes of expression of the National Socialist Party:

In the Loop: It was, by all accounts a most successful 55th biennial convention last weekend of the College Republican National Committee... 1,100 delegates... Elaine L. Chao... Tom DeLay... Karl Rove... outgoing chairman, Scott G. Stewart... Stewart's favorite decades-old songs... "Stomping Out the Reds"... sung to the tune of "Bringing in the Sheaves"

The chorus goes: "Stomping out the Reds, stomping out the Reds/ We'll advance rejoicing, stomping out the Reds!" The first verse is: "Meet the Left in action, put them all in traction/ Get great satisfaction, bashing in their heads!"

The last verse begins: "Bayonets bright gleaming, panzers forward steaming . . . "

Panzers? Nazi tanks?

Ah, those exuberant Yalies.

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Why would you expect anything but idiocy from a group of idiots?

Posted by: Chuck Nolan on August 1, 2003 05:18 AM

OK, so here's a DeLong ellipsis that I think requires a bit of explanation. The authors/compilers of the incredibly lame "Republican Hymnal" was not really a group of "College Republicans". Rather, it was the Yale Political Union's most dorky splinter group "The Party of the Right". It has been a while since I've been there and I suppose things might have changed, but the POR was always an organization run by and for a bunch of stupid gits who were not held in especially high esteem by anybody else, including actual Republicans.

That said, any group who involves the POR into a more mainstream event, unless things have really changed, is just *asking* for a bombshell like this.

Posted by: Jonathan King on August 1, 2003 06:02 AM

POR is seriously twisted ... this article from the Nation was by a former member ...

Apparently the panzers aren't an accidental reference ... and sadly POR members do go on to bigger things:

Many members are scattered through the professions, where the harm they can do is limited. But many others inhabit think tanks, newspapers, judgeships and public offices. (Just a few examples from my era. Walter Olson is a Manhattan Institute fellow famous for spreading horror stories about the "excesses" of litigation, as part of the campaign to protect Corporate America from lawsuits by injured workers and customers. Author Richard Brookhiser poisons innocent minds with screeds like "Left-Wing Peaceniks Make Love To Saddam." And the party boss during my era--a "sometime chairman" in POR lingo--Grover "Rocky" Rees, has just been posted as the first US ambassador to East Timor; during the Reagan years, he picked reactionary pro-lifers that Ron could nominate to federal judgeships.)

Posted by: Patrick Taylor on August 1, 2003 06:18 AM

"Grover "Rocky' Rees, has just been posted as the first US ambassador to East Timor"

Jeez, haven't we done quite enough to the poor E. Timorese?

Posted by: rea on August 1, 2003 06:39 AM

Where did Brad get the verb "coquetting"?

On Johnathan's suggestion I followed the link.

He's right, the Party of the Right apparently authored the song in question.

But it was a group of contemprorary college republicans who were singing them (enjoying their 'over the top' flavor, the reporter says).

Returning to Professor DeLong's post, I see that he says some college republicans were "coquetting" with vaguely fascist modes of expression, which I assume means that they did not author them.

Seems to me that the original post was accurate -- though I'll admit that without knowing exactly what he meant by "coquetting" I could easily have taken Brad's post to mean something more.

Carry on.

Posted by: Brandonimac on August 1, 2003 07:16 AM

It's an allusion to Das Kapital. In the preface Marx says that he has been coquetting with the modes of expression of Hegel.

Posted by: Brad DeLong on August 1, 2003 08:58 AM

Fucking brownshirt assholes, in my humble opinion.

Posted by: The Fool on August 1, 2003 09:04 AM

I am old enough to remember the Nazi marching song:
"Wir werden weiter marschieren
bis alles in Trummer fallt;
denn heute gehort uns Deutschland,
morgen die ganze Welt"
"We shall go on marching
until everything falls into ruins;
because today Germany is ours,
tomorrow the whole World"

We also know what THAT led to.

Posted by: Thomas T Schweitzer on August 1, 2003 09:09 AM

Actually, judging from the quotes by participants reprinted in the Washington Post and Salon, the entire College Republicans convention was a spectacular episode in loopiness -- that song by the Party of the Right was just in keeping with the general tenor of the proceedings. (One can, I suppose, alibi them by pointing out that conventions of leftist college students can produce some pretty weird results, too.)

Posted by: Bruce Moomaw on August 2, 2003 06:50 AM
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