August 21, 2003

Assimilation, "You've Got Mail!" Style

Max Sawicky of is being assimilated by AOL. Already he has changed his personal identifier string from "Max Sawicky" to "p115285".

Shareholders of the former Time-Warner hope that resistance if futile.

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The former and future Time Warner shareholders...

Did you see AOL wanted the AOL dropped from AOL-Time Warner? The reason? All the negative publicity about accounting questionable deals in the 1990s. Of course who was responsible for those deals? AOL.

Posted by: Rob on August 21, 2003 03:19 PM

Maxspeak. You listen. But first, some words from our sponsors ...

Posted by: Ian Whitchurch on August 21, 2003 05:46 PM

Ahem. My blog, sans paid advertisements of any sort, continues as usual. I'm experimenting with their new 'journal' thingy to see if I pick up any new readers. The AOL site is just double-posting from the main site, and if it isn't too obvious, they are not giving me a nickel to do it.

In the words of Jerry Garcia, "we were always ready to sell out, but no one was buying."

Posted by: Max Sawicky on August 21, 2003 08:43 PM

Glad for the clarification, Unit P115285...

Posted by: Brad DeLong on August 21, 2003 09:10 PM
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