August 24, 2003

Online Music Addiction

Escritora admits addiction to Apple's itunes music store:

Mac-a-ro-nies: It started off normally. I would drop into the place and hang out for a while, doing more browsing than buying. In fact, at first, I rarely bought anything. Then, I began to make one, two or three purchases during each visit. The visits became longer, sometimes lasting 30 minutes or more. The amount of the purchases increased from 99 cents to triple and quadruple digits. The funds in my PayPal account showed a noticeable decline. Now, I find I would rather be there than read short stories by most unknown authors or eat ice cream on sultry summer days. The email invoices I receive daily intimidate me. I fear I am addicted.

The place is Apple's iTunes Music Store. I've gradually succumbed to it, like a junkie who starts out smoking drug-laced cigarettes and ends up sticking needles in his arms without a second thought. Though the store is relatively new, its marketing, with MP3 singles that can be quite long selling for as little as .99 cents, is extremely seductive. Persons even more balanced than I have probably become victims. It is for that reason I seek your help. If you are also an AMS addict or know someone who is, commisserate with me. Perhaps together, we can overcome this plot to reduce our liquidity. Maybe it is time to begin a twelve-step program for folks in our situation.

I knew I was sinking into quicksand when I realized I was buying music I could have just as easily downloaded free, via LimeWire, the peer-to-peer filesharing utility for the Macintosh community. What woke you up?

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