August 26, 2003

Daily Reading

"What are you doing?"

"I promised the Financial Times 1100 words on service-sector outsourcing."

"By when?"

"Tuesday 9 AM Pacific Time."

"That was rash. What are you going to say?"


"Do you read the Financial Times every day?"

"I have an electronic subscription. I try to visit its website at least every two days or so. But how much I read... If I read everything I should read, my day would be twice-gone already."

"True. But do you think the Financial Times is something I should make time for?"

"There are rumors that they think they are too dry and grey--'tart it up' was the expression I heard--perhaps pictures of topless central bankers on page 3."

"Be serious."

"It does assume that its readers are intelligent and well-informed--like the news pages of the Wall Street Journal assumes that its readers have background information and can absorb new stuff quickly. And, because it's British, it is witty. They are wittier than we are, even when they do not intend to be."

"So what do you read regularly?"

"Ah. I'm turning into a grazing infovore. I read a lot, but few things day-to-day."

"But surely you read things like the Economist every week?"

"I used to, until last year."



"What happened?"

"The Thirteen-Year-Old became interested. Now he grabs the Economist the moment it arrives. And it's even money I'll never find it."

"Tell him to stop: it's your magazine."

"But I want him to grow up to be the kind of person who reads magazines like the Economist. I don't want to disturb this process at all."


"So he snarfs up the Economist and the Nation when they arrive in the mail."

"The Nation? Why the Nation?"

"Would you want your child getting his only dose of high-powered political argument from the Economist?"


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Make sure the kid reads at least some Orwell.

Animal Farm and 1984 are probably a good start, but make sure he reads 'Shooting an Elephant', and 'My Country Right or Left'.

Ian Whitchurch

Posted by: Ian Whitchurch on August 27, 2003 02:46 AM

"Would you want your child getting his only dose of high-powered political argument from the Economist?"

Have him get Liberty magazine, then. Very good cartoons. (Of course, The Economist has good cartoons, also.)

Posted by: Mark Bahner on August 28, 2003 03:05 PM
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