August 31, 2003

What Is the Impact of Poor Internet Security?

For one thing, it looks like life is pretty hellish if you are a U.C. Berkeley email sysadmin. UClink apparently did not come back up at noon on August 31, as had been scheduled:

Welcome Back Students!

Aug. 31: UCLink to be out-of-service Monday morning

The configuration changes to UCLink were not finished in time today. Because of this, the downtime tomorrow will be necessary in order to complete the improvements. UCLink will be out of service on Monday, Sept. 1, from 8:30 to Noon.

Aug. 31 - Sep. 1: UCLink Downtime

Over the weekend, we will be making configuration improvements to UCLink in order to cope with the recent email virus attacks.

UCLink will be out of service Sunday, August 31, from 8:30am until Noon. If we encounter problems, we will again take UCLink out of service on Monday, Labor Day from 8:30am until Noon. This message will be updated at Noon on Sunday.

Aug. 27: Continued Slowdown

UCLink continues to experience heavy loads due to receiving over 200,000 copies of the SoBig.f worm daily. Mail delivery is slow, some mail is being delayed up to 12 hours. All mail is being sent and received. System administrators continue to monitor the system closely and are working on improvements.

Aug. 20: UCLink Slowdown

UCLink is currently experiencing a slowdown in delivery of mail due to the SOBIG worm and other problems. . We are working on the problem and hope to have all mail delivered soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Aug. 19: New SOBIG worm hits campus

A new variant of the SOBIG worm hit the campus this morning. UCLink is now blocking the virus and we are deleting any copies of the worm currently in users mail...

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From SourceForge's newsletter I have the following:

"[...] spam and worms, such as the SoBig mess, have been a real headaches for sites such as SF.NET with large numbers of users. The SoBig worm, for instance, was sending the SF.NET mailserver over 20,000 emails every 10 minutes during it's peak."

"If you find a commons, exploit it. This has two useful purposes. First, of course, you get the use of it for free. Second, it makes less and less credible the idea of co-operative services, so that more money can be made by selling what otherwise would have a very low, or no, price."--Clipcoin, House of Mammon, Hell.

Posted by: Randolph Fritz on September 1, 2003 11:40 PM
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