September 11, 2003

A Year Ago Today: Tom Maguire's Personal 9/11 Observance

From the Minute Man:

Acts of Remembrance: Archive Entry From Brad DeLong's Webjournal: Tom Maguire's Personal 9/11 Observance: Severe windstorms are buffetting the New York City area, knocking down trees and power lines in the outlying suburbs. Although Utility crews are doing their best to keep the streets clear, driving on suburban streets in these conditions can be treacherous.

A tree had fallen just down the street from our house and was blocking a well traveled intersection. Only yesterday I had been clearing some branches around our yard with my eight year old son. Seeing the downed tree, his first words were, "Hey, Dad, we can clear that tree".

Hmmm. Cars squeezing by, high winds that could knock more branches onto our heads - don't they have people who do this for a living? On the other hand, could there be a better day to celebrate the power of individuals rallying to help the community? "Sure, kid, let's go for it". So, we donned some brightly colored clothing, gathered our saws and clippers, and set off down the street.

Now, for those of you who have not tackled this sort of project with an enthusiastic eight year old, there are a few simple rules: the saw you are using is the saw he needs; when you pick up the clippers, he was just about to use them; and the branch you are cutting is the one he was planning to cut. Master these rules, harness the energy, and marvel at the result.

The two of us had this tree outnumbered. My son cut and moved branches. I spent some time rescuing people from burning buildings, and some time fighting alongside my fellow passengers in the aisle of a hijacked plane, but mostly I cut branches too. Soon enough, the tree was a jumble of wood by the side of the road. Some passing morotists honked and waved to thanks us. Hey, some people got home one minute sooner because of our efforts. I give my son a big hug for a job well done. This is a day of hope.

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