September 22, 2003

Ben Bernanke Sees Inflation Falling Still More

Bernanke's private inflation forecast:

Fed's Bernanke sees drop in inflation - Sep. 22, 2003: Bernanke said, "The basic idea that inflation will remain tame and under control is a good message to take away, I don't really disagree with that. But what I'd like to point out is that there are some risks to the downside there, because in particular, even though the economy is growing pretty rapidly, there's a lot of slack still in the economy."

"My that inflation will actually fall even a little bit further from where it is today," he told a conference sponsored by the National Association of Federal Credit Unions...

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It remains THE concern. The Economist has a good article on the ultimate global problem. It is entitled "Flying on One Engine" dated September 18th:

Posted by: Stan on September 23, 2003 07:52 AM
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