September 25, 2003

Bad News About Production

Bad news (but not very bad news) about production: - Orders in August For Durable Goods Decreased 0.9%: The Commerce Department reported that U.S. manufacturers saw a 0.9% decline in orders for August from July for long-lasting durable goods such as cars, computers and household appliances, to a seasonally adjusted level of $173.3 billion. That followed solid gains during the two preceding months...

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Coupled with a +3.3% GDP in Q2 and a 5% Q2 drop in corporate profits (ouch) it looks like the economic muddle will continue.

BTW- The Guardian has an interesting exerpt from the new Stiglitz book.,12271,1048996,00.html

Posted by: bakho on September 26, 2003 06:08 AM

and why is the guardian article not posted on prof. delongs website?

Posted by: john c. halasz on September 27, 2003 02:06 PM
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