October 17, 2003

Books: John Lawton

Two people in the past week have told me that I must read John Lawton:

I can't remember if I've mentioned him on-list or not, but I've become a big fan of John Lawton. He writes thriller/mystery-types stuff, and he's an extraordinarily good writer (very clever, very subtle, very amusing and extremely aesthetically pleasing). After reading A Little White Death, I instantly added him to my list of favourite writers. Black Out was less good, but the one I've just started, http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/asin/0871138646/braddelong00">Old Flames, is off to a good start. All the books I've read concern the same character, a policeman named Troy, with an interesting past, and they're all set at some point in the past (Black Out during the Blitz, A Little White Death during the '60's). Now I should say upfront that I'm really not a fan of most novels which aren't roughly set in contemporary or future times, but he does such a good job of putting you in the moment (especially in A Little White Death, where you really get a sense of the shifting morality of the times, and the growing gulf between generations), that I thoroughly enjoyed the settings. He's at least as good a writer as anyone I've ever read, and miles better than most. If you've got even the remotest tolerance for police procedural/political thriller-type books, I strongly suggest you give A Little White Death a try, even if the story doesn't grab you, the writing will, it's wonderful.

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