October 24, 2003

Not Jane Seymour

Because Sumana Harihareswara works in San Francisco, she has not changed her internet name to Jane Seymour:

Two Stories of Customer Service:

1. "Hi, this is Sumana with Salon Premium. What can I do for you?"

I looked up his information. As I waited for it to appear, he asked, "Are you in India now?"

I slowly replied (in my born-and-bred US accent) that no, I am in San Francisco, to which he said, "Same difference."

Note that, were I actually in an Indian call center, I would fake a white name. Also, maybe this is why Salon hired me - by using an Indian for customer service, the management fools investors into thinking Salon has cheaply outsourced the work to overseas!

2. I assured a subscriber that I had emailed him a week prior. After digging through his email, he found the message, and explained that he had deleted it because my name looks like a spam name.

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