November 03, 2003

Let Us Now Curse the Webmasters of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Let us now curse the webmasters of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

May the Lady and the Shepherd turn their faces from them.

May strange intermittent hardware faults plague their systems.

May they spend their days dealing with clueless users of high rank and short temper.

May they suffer the same "user experience" they offer to others.

For they have broken outside links to their website.

My post linking to Erica Groshen and Simon Potter's study of employment in the current stagnant-recovery now links to a cheery declaration that "The New York Fed has redesigned its public website. With the user's experience in mind, we have streamlined the navigation, updated the look, and added a more robust search engine. The page or link you requested no longer exists. Please select from the main navigation above or the more detailed drop-down menus to find the information you seek. You can also check out the site map or use the search engine. Don't forget to update your bookmarks." My inline links to their interesting figures are broken as well."

Erica Groshen and Simon Potter's piece is now here.

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At the latest Microsoft PDC, one of the presenters likened hrefs to the dreaded goto. interesting concept.

Posted by: theCoach on November 3, 2003 07:57 AM


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