November 21, 2003

Exam Time Approaches

Exam time approaches. And the King of Mockery has advice for all of his professors:

Says Rex ...: A chilling realization has hit me - something I was peripherally aware of but had been ignoring until now. We OU Law students have only a week and a half of class left before Thanksgiving, then we return for one more week before finals. I would like to offer my professors some advice.

Professor Miller - someone who asks you a question in class, even if you "thought we had covered that adequately already," probably is interested in the answer.

Professor Swank - I know the whole Federalism thing probably seemed like a good idea to the Framers of our Constitution, but really, learning both State and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is unduly burdensome on us law students. Could you please limit your final to the Federal Rules only?

Professor McNichols - ("Yes? Yes!!!!") I have it on authority of a 3L that you teach the hell out of torts, and that there is a lot to learn in your class for a student who can rise to your level. But please remember, we are 1Ls. ONE ELS!. Really, I dig the stories about Little Sally Sweet and the Burning Bush, and Bernie the Banana Man, but if you could just make your lectures a bit more methodical, it would be nice.

And finally, Professor Mary Margaret Penrose - the steely, affable but evil genius - Some of my classmates did not take it well when you assigned such a ... how can I say this non-offensively ... fiendishly difficult writing assignment at the end of the semester, and then jaunted off to Hawaii for a Moot Court competition. (Not me, of course; I'm one of your partisans.) You have put us in groups of five and given us three weeks to answer one third of a question which you gave as a 5 hour long final. Assuming that our final will be equally "challenging," how do you expect one person to do three times more in five hours than five people did in three weeks?

Here's a suggestion - how about free valium samples in our mail boxes?

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